Organic Hawthorn Powder

Product Name:Organic Hawthorn Powder

Latin Name:Fructus Crataegi

Specification:10:1, 20:1

Color:Yellow-Brown powder

Testing Method:TLC/UV

Part Used:Fruit

Used in Food additives, candy, drinks;

Package: 25kg/drum;

Partial mesh: 80mesh;

Promoting gastrointestinal motility, helping intestinal digestion;

What is Organic Hawthorn Powder?Organic hawthorn powder is a kind of tree with unique medicinal fruit, which can reduce blood fat, blood pressure, strengthen the heart, fight arrhythmia, etc.It is also a good medicine for invigorating the spleen, appetizing food, eliminating stagnation, promoting blood circulation and resolving phlegm.It has good effects on pleural spleen fullness, hernia, blood stasis, amenorrhea and other diseases.Organic hawthorn powder is a brownish-yellow powder extracted from the dried and mature fruits of CrataeguspinnatifidaBge.var.majorN.E.Br. or CrataeguspinnatifidaBge. in the Rosaceae plant. The main active ingredients are various organic acids. It has the functions of digesting and strengthening stomach, reducing inflammation and relieving cough, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood lipid, increasing coronary blood flow, preventing coronary heart disease and angina pectoris, and anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects.
Hawthorn is a common hedgerow plant in Europe known for its deep, red berries and sharp thorns. Also spelled hawthorne, the berries have been employed for centuries in traditional Western herbalism for their wellness supporting properties. Hawthorn berry has historically been incorporated into jams, cordials, liquid extracts, and herbal syrups. Our organic hawthorn powder is ground from organic Crataegus monogyna berries. Hawthorn berry powder can be encapsulated, tinctured, or infused.Basic Information:
Product NameOrganic Hawthorn PowderActive IngredientHawthorn FlavonesSpecifications2%-50%, 20:1Part UsedFruitAssayUVCAS No.36052-37-6AppearanceBrown-red or Yellow–brown fine powderPackaging25kg/drum or as customers requirementStorageStored in a cool and dry well-closed container, keep away from moisture and strong light / heatShelf Lifetwo years under well Storage situation and stored away from direct sun light.

Organic Hawthorn Powder Benefit and Uses:Hawthorn berry is clinically proven to help improve cardiovascular health, chest pain (angina), blood pressure and high cholesterol. Plus, its antioxidant activity makes it a great choice to support overall wellness and quality of life.1.Cardiovascular Function
The Cochrane Library (a reputable, strict reviewer of scientific evidence) published, “results suggest that there is a significant benefit in symptom control and physiologic outcomes from hawthorn extract as an adjunctive treatment for chronic heart failure.”The C. oxyacantha species provides clinically documented hawthorn berry benefits. A study published in Current Medicinal Chemistry demonstrated that a standardized extract has shown results in various heart conditions, including early stages of heart failure, angina pectoris, high blood pressure, mild arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat), and atherosclerosis.
Certain bioactive compounds found in the plant may be why it is effective at treating heart problems. These compounds include flavonoids, phenols and oligomeric procyanidins. Hawthorn is a natural diuretic. Its ability to reduce fluid buildup helps to relieve congestive heart failure.
2.Chest Pain (Angina)
A small clinical study researched the effects of aerobic exercise and hawthorn on 80 stable angina pectoris patients ranging from 45 to 65 years old. The patients were randomly divided into four groups to observe whether or not exercise and hawthorn would affect their cardiovascular health.They were observed over a 12-week period. The researchers concluded that combining exercise with hawthorn is an effective strategy for lowering the risk of atherosclerosis and improving overall exercise tolerance.
3.Blood Pressure
Organic hawthorn powder causes blood vessels to relax, which widens the vessels and allows blood to flow more easily.A randomized clinical trial that studied the effects of the C. laevigata species on lowering blood pressure in 79 type 2 diabetes patients taking medication. This was the first such study to find that hawthorn berry benefits can include mitigating the hypotensive effects in patients with type 2 diabetes who are also taking medication.In the study, 39 patients took a daily dose of hawthorn extract for 16 weeks and 40 patients in a second group took a placebo. The hawthorn group showed a greater improvement in diastolic blood pressure reduction than the placebo group.
4. High Cholesterol
A study published in Experimental Biology and Medicine looked at the effects of hawthorn powder. The researchers found that it lowered serum cholesterol in mice and could potentially have a similar effect on humans.Another study examined the lipid-lowering effects of hawthorn by comparing two groups of hamsters, one that received hawthorn extracts and one that was the control group. The researchers found lower liver triglyceride and cholesterol levels in the group that received the hawthorn extracts.
5.Anti-Inflammatory Digestive Benefits
The high antioxidant content found in organic hawthorn powder helps provide anti-inflammatory effects. The flavonoid component of hawthorn has been shown to be particularly effective at providing these benefits, including lowering cholesterol and inflammation.
A 2008 animal study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry tested the free-radical-scavenging, anti-inflammatory, gastroprotective, and antimicrobial effects of a hawthorn berry ethanol extract. They determined that the antioxidant properties found in hawthorn can help guard against inflammation and even help provide antimicrobial benefits to the gastrointestinal system.
NON-ALCOHOL ORGANIC HAWTHORN POWDER CONTAINS ONLY NATURAL INGREDIENTSWe use classic conventional extraction methods and follow precise standards where each Herb/Superfood is extracted according to its distinct characteristics.* ALCOHOL FREE* GLUTEN FREE* NO PESTICIDES* NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS* NO PRESERVATIVES

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