Organic Honeysuckle Powder

1.Clearing heat and relieving toxicity;

2.Enhance immune function;

3.Anti-oxidation, anti-aging, anti-aging musculoskeletal;

4.Package: 25kg/drum;

What is Organic Honeysuckle Powder?Honeysuckle Powder have a long history of use as a beverage in traditional Chinese medicine.In Traditional Chinese Medicine, honeysuckle flowers are among the important herbs for clearing heat and relieving toxicity.The major constituents in Lonicera japonica are Flavonoids, Triterpenoid Saponins ,Chlorogenic acid and Tannins.

Organic Honeysuckle Powder is extracted from the buds and the first flowers of the perennial semi-evergreen entwined plant Lonicera in the Lonicera family. It has antibacterial and immune-enhancing effects. The medical effect is very extensive. At the same time, honeysuckle extract contains a variety of plant active ingredients that are beneficial to the human body, such as flavonoids such as chlorogenic acid, isochlorogenic acid, luteolin (Luteolin), etc., which have good effects on anti-aging, anti-cancer, and physical fitness. Honeysuckle extract is a compound mainly composed of chlorogenic acid and containing a variety of other flavonoids.
Its own phenolic hydroxyl structure can easily react with free radicals, providing protons and electrons to make them lose reactivity, so it has significant resistance Oxidation characteristics. In addition, honeysuckle extract also has good antibacterial effects when used in the body. Pharmacological studies have shown that its main antibacterial components are organic acid compounds. Many of the Chinese medicine compound preparations containing honeysuckle are made with organic honeysuckle powder as a prescription raw material.Basic Information:
Product NameChlorogenic acid 20%, 25%, 98%, 99% (HPLC)Botanical Name:Honeysuckle PowderPart used:Honeysuckle FlowerAppearance:brown powderActive ingredients:Chlorogenic acidSpecifications:20%, 25%, 98%, 99% (HPLC)CAS No:CAS No: 327-97-9Molecular weight206-325-6Molecular FormulaC16H18O9

Organic Honeysuckle Powder Benefit and Uses:
1. Cool DownThe first ever recorded use of Organic Honeysuckle Powder’s cooling properties was in Chinese medicine in 659 AD, according to the Tang Bencao. At the time it was used to treat snake bites, drawing out the “hot” toxin and essentially cooling down the patient. Later, Europeans adapted this calming characteristic to relax women during childbirth. Though some still credit honeysuckle with the ability to reduce inflammation, more research would be needed to verify these claims.2. Soothe Upset Tummies
I’ve never been bitten by a snake (and I plan to keep it that way), but when I was in the early stages of pregnancy, honeysuckle tea helped my nausea immensely. You don’t even need to dry the flower petals to make honeysuckle tea: Simply add about 1/3 cup of fresh honeysuckle petals to a mug of nearly boiling water. After ninety seconds, remove the petals and stir before (carefully) sipping the tea. Of course, check with your own doctor before trying any home remedy during pregnancy – this is just what worked for me!3. As a Unique Gift
Honeysuckle powder is an iconic arching flower that can be found, well, pretty much everywhere. That means you can confidently propagate the perennial shrub with ease, offering seedlings as a hostess gift, graduation celebration, or even a symbol of health at a baby shower. When planted in the recipient’s garden, honeysuckle benefits the local bird population, as celebrated by the experts at the Penn State Eberly College of Science. However, include pruning tips in a homemade card so the fragrant plant doesn’t overrun neighboring flowers or veggies.4. Diffused
If honeysuckle powder makes you think of a sweet juice, you’re exactly right. The plant earned the nickname from its sugary nectar, and while very few people actually have honeysuckle’s essential oil (yields are extremely low), its fragrance is infused in oils and used for a similar purpose. Add a few drops to your diffuser, a steamy bath, or a spray bottle with water for a quick DIY linen spray.5. As a Berry Stand-In
There are a whopping 180 species of honeysuckle worldwide, and Assistant Professor Bob Bors of the Plant Sciences Department at the University of Saskatchewan recommends the blue honeysuckle’s fruit as a substitute for common berry treats. Think candy, jams, berry bars and tarts, toppings for ice cream or yogurt, and even cakes. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) suggests the fruit’s juice can even help you hit your recommended daily intake of potassium.

6. A Pleasant Fragrance
When you start reading labels to learn about what’s inside your most commonly used products, you may see the ingredient called “fragrance.” When you encounter this term, it can mean almost anything. The Environmental Working Group explains that “fragrance” and “parfum” are catch-alls for manufacturers that prefer not to disclose their trade secrets or specific ingredients.Undersun’s Organic Honeysuckle Powder:
NON-ALCOHOL ORGANIC HONEYSUCKLE POWDER CONTAINS ONLY NATURAL INGREDIENTSWe use classic conventional extraction methods and follow precise standards where each Herb/Superfood is extracted according to its distinct characteristics.* ALCOHOL FREE* GLUTEN FREE* NO PESTICIDES* NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS* NO PRESERVATIVESIf any more questions,

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