Organic Inulin

Product Name:Organic Inulin

Specifications: Inulin 90%

Appearance: White fine powder.

Test method: HPLC

CAS NO.: 9005-80-5

EINECS NO: 232-684-3

Molecular formula: C12H22O11.C6H12O6

Molecular Weight: 522.45

Package: 25kg/drum;

Certifications: ISO,KOSHER,Halal,Organic

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What is Organic Inulin?Organic Inulin was found centuries ago and came to be found in many variety of plants. Some examples of fruits and vegetables that contain inulin are garlic, wheat, onions, wheat, leek, rye and barley. Over the past decades, many researchers have found inulin to be a versatile substance with a various health promoting applications. It has also been carefully used for infant nutrition. Ultimately, it led to American generally recognizing inulin as a safe source of nutrition in early 1990s.Inulin, a fructooligosaccharide, is a soluble prebiotic fiber that is resistant to digestion and reaches the large intestine essentially intact. Intestinal probiotic bacteria consume Inulin and in turn, produce the short-chain fatty acids that nourish the cells lining the colon. Organic inulin fibers thus helps to maintain intestinal health and function. Inulin has a pleasant flavor that adds a mild sweetness to foods and drinks, but has a very low glycemic index and will not negatively impact serum glucose levels.Basic Information:

Product NameOrganic InulinAppearanceWhite Fine PowderShelf Life2 yearsTest MethodHPLCCAS No.9005-80-5Molecular Weight522.45EINECS232-684-3Mlecular FormulaC12H22O11.C6H12O6GradePharmaceutical and foodPart of UsedJerusalem Artichoke Root and Chicory RootExtraction TypeSolvent Extraction

Botanical Name

Cichorium intybus L.

Extract Solvent


QCISO,GMP,HALALMOQ1 kgParticle Size100% pass 80 meshCertificate of Analysis
ItemsSpecificationAppearanceWhite Fine PowderOderCharacteristicTasteCharacteristicParticle Size100% through 80 MeshLoss on Drying< 5.0%Heavy Metals< 20ppmArsenic(As)< 2ppmLead(Pb)< 2ppmAssay Inulin> 90%Total Plate Count< 10,000cfu/GYeast & Mold< 100cfu/GE.Coli.NegativeSalmonellaNegativeOrganic Inulin Benefits:1.Helps to keep our gut’s healthyOur gut is home to both good and bad bacteria, and having a sufficient amount of beneficial bacteria is crucial to good gut health. As we know, Organic Inulin is non-digestible. It travels to our intestine and acts as ‘food’ for the healthy bacteria that live there. Particularly, Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli, which are bacteria that help fend off unwanted pathogens (harmful bacteria), prevent infection and stimulate the immune system.When the unwanted pathogens in our gut grow in number, it can have a negative impact on our mood, immune system and weight. So consuming Inulin, whether it be from food or supplement form, can help produce a good balance of bacteria. Having this healthy gut bacteria balance creates a strong defence against pathogens and provides fuel for our digestive system.
Organic Inulin slows our digestion while also increasing the frequency of our bowel movements, which allows better absorption of nutrients from the food we eat, helping improve our overall health.
2.Can help aid in weight loss
Organic inulin fibers contains soluble fibre, which dissolves in the stomach and then forms a gelatinous substance. This gel-like substance decreases the amount of food we consume by making us feel fuller for longer. Regulating our appetite is a great way to start losing weight.
Organic Inulin also helps to ensure our body doesn’t store fat. Our body instead, burns the fat or moves it right through. A study(3) has also shown that people who consumed Inulin lost significantly more weight than those who did not.
Because of the alteration to fat absorption as well as its ability to regulate how much we eat, consuming Inulin is a viable option for weight loss.
3.Can help lower blood sugar levels
Studies(4) show that consuming Organic Inulin can help to lower your blood sugar levels. Inulin is not digested by human enzymes, meaning there is no chance for any glucose release into your bloodstream. Carbohydrates in food are converted into glucose in our body and serve as a source of energy. If our body cannot absorb the glucose in our cells, due to an imbalance of glucagon and insulin in our body, blood sugar levels will be high. Consuming enough Inulin will result in our cells ability to absorb more of the glucose, lowering blood sugar levels and increasing the amount of energy we have. Inulin powder is a low-calorie alternative to sugar or starchy carbohydratesIt’s quite common these days to find inulin powder in baking and other cooking, as it is is naturally sweet and makes an excellent substitute(5) for sugar. Inulin is low in calories and adds sweetness to many dishes.
As Inulin is a fibre, it’s important to keep in mind that it is best not to replace sugar with inulin powder at a 1:1 ratio. For example, if a recipe calls for 1 cup of sugar, don’t replace it with 1 cup of inulin powder, as you’ll quickly find yourself running to make the toilet. When we consume too much inulin organic, some side effects may occur. These side effects include diarrhoea, constipation, bloating and cramping of the stomach. It’s always important to consult your doctor before taking any new supplements.
There are many recipes out there that substitute Inulin for sugar carefully, so be sure to look out for them if you’re after a healthier version of your favourite treats. For example, Bridget’s Healthy Fudge Brownie Balls include the right amount of Inulin powder, as well as other guilt-free ingredients.
4.Can help to improve bone health
Organic inulin fibers can be a great natural way of creating stronger bones, as Research(6) suggests that Inulin consumption allows the body to absorb calcium better. And as we know, calcium builds a more robust skeletal system.Consuming the right amount of inulin organic also allows for a higher rate of absorption of other minerals, such as magnesium. Consumption also helps with the production of short-chain fatty acids (good fats). These fatty acids are known to reduce the pH levels in the large intestine, increasing the solubility of calcium, allowing effective absorption.
Your body’s ability to absorb essential minerals, like calcium for bone strength and growth, is susceptible to dietary manipulation caused by keeping your digestive system balanced and healthy by consuming a fibre such as insulin.
5.Can help protect against certain illnesses and diseases
Dietary fibres, like organic inulin soluble fibers, can be great for improving other areas of your health also. Inulin can play a role in helping protect against certain intestinal diseases and illnesses. Studies suggest that Inulin can support barrier function and increase the presence of good bacteria that help fend off unwanted pathogens by not allowing them to colonise, resulting in a healthy gut. A healthy gut means better bowel movements, better absorption of nutrients and an improved immune system, which keeps us better protected.6.Can help with heart health
Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death in the world. Looking after your heart’s health is so important. Fortunately, consuming Inulin and looking after your gut’s health may also help here.Looking after your gut’s ecosystem and having a healthy balance of bacteria can be tied to improving your cardiovascular health. A sugary and processed food filled diet puts stress on your heart and also means your body may not have the necessary nutrients to be healthy. Adding organic inulin soluble fibers to your diet helps to moderate cholesterol which can be vital in preventing heart disease. By addressing and fixing your diet, you can prevent a lot of cardiovascular diseases. Having a responsible and balanced prebiotic (Inulin) intake is a great start.
Application:-Applied in food industry, Inulin is usually used as food additives.-Appplied in the field of cosmetics, Inulin powder is used as an immune modulator.
-Applied in fields of health products and pharmaceutical, used ass immunomodulatory agents and immune-stimulating hormone.

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