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What is Organic Oat Powder?Organic oat powder is the whole plant extract of the gramineous plant oats. It mainly contains β-glucan, flavonoids and a variety of antioxidant substances. It has excellent anti-aging effects, can smooth fine wrinkles and improve skin texture. The largest oat producer is Russia, and the cultivation of oats in China is mainly in the Northeast. Oat powder is the third wheat crop after big wheat and has a long history of cultivation in China. Oats are divided into skin oats and naked oats (A.nudaL.). It is an important forage, fodder and food crop. According to its lemma traits, it can be divided into two categories: palea type and naked grain type.
The color of whitening skin is mainly determined by the amount of melanin in the epidermis. The melanin in the human body is produced by melanocytes. In melanocytes, tyrosine is produced by a series of biochemical reactions under the catalysis of tyrosinase. melanin. In the melanin formation reaction, Oat powder characteristics, tyrosinase is the main rate-limiting enzyme, inhibition of tyrosinase activity can inhibit the formation of melanin, while antioxidants can inhibit the biochemical reaction of melanin production, oats The seedling powder process can also reduce the formation of melanin.

CERTIFIED ORGANIC: Organic Oat Powder from Food to Live are non-GMO and safe for everyone. It contain no toxins.SOURCE OF VITAMINS AND MINERALS: It very rich in Iron, Calcium, B Group Vitamins it is also a good source of natural Protein and Dietary Fiber.HEALTHY PRODUCT: It is Gluten and Cholesterol Free.DELICIOUS AND VERSATILE: Try our product Organic Sprouted Oat Powder an excellent ingredient for your salted pies, muffins with vegetables or just bread.Basic Information:Test/ObservationSpecificationsResultCharactersPowderCompliesOdourCharacteristicCharacteristicMesh80CompliesSolubilitySoluble in WaterCompliesContent %MIN. 2020.15Regulatory Status:GMO.BSE-TSE
FreeNot containing animal ingredients and derivatives
CompliesPb PPMMAX.1CompliesAs PPMHg PPMCd PPMMAX.1MAX.0.1MAX.1CompliesNoneCompliesHeavy Metals PPMPesticide residua:BHCDDTMAX.10

Benefit and Uses of Organic Oat Powder:Some possible health benefits and traditional uses of oat seedling powder may include:Oatmeal can effectively reduce the cholesterol in the human body. If it is eaten regularly, it can play a preventive role in the main threat of middle-aged and elderly people, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.Regular consumption of oatmeal also has very good effects of reducing blood sugar and losing weight on diabetic patients;Oatmeal has a function of bowel movements. Many elderly people have dry stools, which can easily lead to cerebrovascular accidents. Oats can solve constipation.Improve the immune systemThe rich beta glucan in oatmeal can improve the immune system, effectively fight against viruses, bacteria and parasites, and oat seed powder technology, thereby improving human immunity.Good for weight lossThe oatmeal is rich in dietary fiber, which can maintain a feeling of fullness for a long time, prevent excessive intake of greasy and savory food, and achieve the effect of slimming.

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