Organic Shiitake Mushroom Extract

Product Name:Organic Shiitake Mushroom Extract

Latin name: Lentinus edodes;

Part:Whole plant;

Specification:10%-20%; polysaccharide;

Main Function:to reduce serum cholesterol,strengthen the immune system;

Certifications: ISO,KOSHER,Halal,Organic;

What is Organic Shiitake Mushroom Extract?

Organic Shiitake mushroom extract is a fungus. An extract made from this mushroom is used as medicine.

Organic Shiitake Mushroom Extract is used for boosting the immune system, lowering blood cholesterol levels, treating prostate cancer, and as an anti-aging agent.Shiitake mushroom extract is also eaten as food.

Shiitake is one of the best known medicinal mushrooms. In Chinese herbalism, it is reported to boost “Qi” within the body – the essential energy that flows through the meridians in the body (in Acupuncture they use the needles to adjust the flow of Qi energy through the meridians). Shiitake mushrooms extract is also used to tonify the liver and support overall immune health. Modern research suggests that extracts of Shiitake mushrooms may also help to maintain healthy cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range.

Lentinula edodes is a well-known medicinal food homologous fungus. Organic Shiitake Mushroom Extract has been treated as culinary delicacy and traditional medicine for more than two thousand years. Lentinus edodes extract is rich in carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, steroids and other components. Besides, it is low in fat and has various biological functions, such as anti-tumor, antioxidant, antibacterial, liver protection…etc.

Organic Shiitake Mushroom Extract

Basic Information:

AppearanceLight Yellow PowderComplies
Particle size100% pass through 60-100 mesh sieveComplies
Bulk Density45.0g/100mL~65.0 g/100mL45.0g/100mL~65.0 g/100mL
Color ReactionPositive ReactionComplies
Loss on drying(5h at 105℃)<5.0%4.32%
Ash(3h at 600℃)<5.0%4.19%
Heavy metals(as Pb)<10ppmComplies
Arsenic(as AS2O3)<1ppmComplies
Total bacterial countMax.100cfu /gComplies
Yeast & MouldMax.100cfu /gComplies
Escherichia coli presenceNegativeComplies

Shiitake Mushroom Benefits

Organic Shiitake Mushroom Extract Benefits:

Immune System Support – The Organic Shiitake Mushroom Extract contains Lentinan, an active compound that supports a healthy immune response. Taking Shiitake extract on a regular basis is believed to stimulate one’s immune system.This medicinal mushroom is also packed with calcium, phosphorous, vitamins and minerals, as well as essential amino acids such as lysine, arginine, and many more. Liver Relief – Organic Shiitake Mushroom Extract contains beta glucans and enzymes that may improve liver function.

1.Promotes Heart Health

The beta-glucan (a type of soluble fiber) in shiitake mushrooms is useful for cholesterol reduction. Naturally low in sodium and free of saturated fats, mushrooms are heart-healthy food, especially when used as an alternative to processed meats. The potassium in shiitake mushrooms extract is also beneficial for reducing blood pressure.

2.Reduces Risk of Prostate Cancer

A 2019 study following more than 36,000 men in Japan between ages 40 and 79 found a correlation between mushroom consumption and lowered incidence of prostate cancer. Researchers attribute the relationship to ergothioneine, an antioxidant in mushrooms like shiitake, king oyster, oyster, and maitake varieties that can ease oxidative stress.

3.Helps Prevent Gingivitis

Gingivitis is a preventable dental disease caused by plaque buildup and the accumulation of “bad” bacteria. This bacteria damages gum tissues and may lead to greater problems, including periodontal disease. Studies have shown the ability of shiitake mushrooms extract to reduce “bad” bacteria in the mouth while preserving healthy bacteria.5 These results suggest dental health benefits associated with shiitake mushrooms extract.

4.Aids Immunity

A cup of cooked shiitake mushrooms contains more than the daily required amount of copper for most adults. Because not much copper is stored in the body, having a reliable food source can help prevent a deficiency. Copper is vital for the immune system, supporting the creation and activity of various immune cells, including T cells, neutrophils, phagocytes, B-lymphocytes, natural killer cells, and antibodies.6

5.Improves Nutritional Status of Vegetarians

Organic Shiitake Mushroom Extract offer several nutrients of interest to vegetarians, helping reduce the risk of deficiencies. Shiitake mushrooms extract are a good source of zinc. Zinc is typically found in red meat, poultry, and seafood. Because a cup of cooked shiitake mushrooms has almost 2 milligrams of zinc, it helps contribute to a daily goal of 8 to 11 milligrams per day.7


Organic Shiitake Mushroom Extract are not considered a common allergen, however, it is not impossible to be allergic to them. Although extremely rare, handling shiitake mushrooms has been shown in one case to induce asthma through an IgE-mediated reaction.8 If you have concerns about an allergy to shiitake mushrooms, consult your healthcare provider for an allergy test.

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Organic Shiitake Mushroom Extract Applications:

Mushroom related foods, beverages, condiments, health products and medicines have been widely developed and applied. And Organic Shiitake mushroom extract has been used for beverages, such as mushroom vinegar, mushroom compound beverage, mushroom wine. And it also used as condiments, which includes mushroom essence, tobacco spices. Mushroom health products have oral solution and medicines include mushroom extract oral solution, mushroom polysaccharide tablets, mushroom polysaccharide Injection, Lentinan lyophilized powder injection, Lentinan capsules and Lentinan liposomes.

1.It can applied in the health care supplements field

2.It can applied in the medicine field

3.It can applied in the food supplements