Oyster Mushroom Extract

Product Name:Oyster Mushroom Extract

Active Ingredient:Polysaccharides10%-50%,Beta D Glucan10%-30%

Test Method:UV

Appearance:Brown Fine Powder

Particle Size:95% pass 80 mesh


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What is Oyster Mushroom Extract?Oyster mushroom extract is a type of fungi that closely resembles that of oysters, both in shape and color. Oysters contain several substances believed to aid in health. Substances included in Oyster Mushrooms are beta-glucans, dietary fiber, and a variety of polysaccharides.
Pleurotus has demonstrated immunological activity in many research publications. Of significant value is the presence of statins, which occur in sufficient quantities to be of benefit. Numerous studies have shown the ability of Pleurotus to lower cholesterol when taken orally.Basic Information:
Product NameOyster Mushroom extract PowderSpecification10:1,5%, 10% TaurineAppearanceBrown powderApplicationHealthcare ProductsCertificateISO, CQC, IQNETTest MethodHPLC, UVRelated ServiceComplete OEM service(Making capsules, pills)SampleAvailableStorageTwo years (Keep away sunlight, Keep dry)Oyster Mushroom Extract Benefits:

Oyster mushroom is the rich source of protein, vitamins, minerals, fibre and other antioxidants like selenium protect body cells from damage that might lead to chronic diseases and help to strengthen the immune system. Oyster mushroom is low in calories, fat free Cholesterol free, Gluten free and very low in sodium.1. IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORTThe beta-glucans in oyster mushrooms make them one of the best foods on the planet for protecting your immune system against short- and long-term illnesses.Unlike some foods that either stimulate or repress the immune system, mushrooms balance it.Plus, oyster mushrooms are loaded with other antioxidants to help prevent free radical damage and oxidative stress so your immune system can defend itself against aging.2. LOWERING HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE
Your body needs nutrients like vitamin D to regulate blood pressure levels.Did you know that most people who live in cold climates are deficient in vitamin D?One study found that dietary mushrooms like oysters reduced blood pressure in rats with spontaneous or unexplained high blood pressure.3. REGULATING CHOLESTEROL LEVELS
Since mushrooms like oysters have a savory flavor and no cholesterol, they’re a great substitute for meat in many sautéed dishes.One study also found that consuming oyster mushrooms reduced triglycerides and cholesterol levels in diabetic patients (as well as high blood sugar levels).4. BUILDING STRONG BONES
Oyster mushrooms have plenty of important nutrients for building strong bones. Specifically, vitamin D and magnesium.While most people focus on calcium, your body also needs vitamin D and magnesium to process calcium and store it in your bones.5. ANTI-INFLAMMATORY PROPERTIES
The beta-glucans and antioxidants in oyster mushrooms make it a great food for lowering inflammation.Some research shows that beyond beta-glucans, some of the oyster’s anti-inflammatory properties come from a unique and somewhat unknown amino acid called ergothioneine.According to the research, ergothioneine lowers “systemic” inflammation across the entire body which often contributes to diseases like dementia and diabetes.6. ANTI-CANCER PROPERTIES
The beta-glucans in mushrooms like oysters function as potent antioxidants that may protect the body against cancer.One study found that oyster mushrooms have potential to be effective for certain types of cancer cells.7. PROTECTING THE HEART AGAINST CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE
Ergothioneine is also an excellent amino acid for protecting the heart because it prevents the buildup of plaque. Perhaps this is also why oyster mushrooms are able to lower cholesterol levels.8. DEFEND AGAINST NEURODEGENERATIVE DISEASES
Finally, the amino acid ergothioneine is a cytoprotectant. In other words, it protects cells against oxidative stress and free radical damage.That’s why mushrooms like oysters have potential for defending against neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and dementia.Application:1.Oyster Mushroom Extract can be applied in food field.2.Oyster Mushroom Extract is applied in beverages field.3.Oyster Mushroom Extract is widely applied in cosmetics field.4.Oyster Mushroom Extract is used in health products field.
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