Papaya Seed Powder

Product:Papaya seed Powder

Latin Name:Carica Papaya

Part used: Seed

Appearance: Brown Fine Powder

Particle Size:100% pass 80 mesh

Odor&Taste: Papaya flavor

Loss on Drying: <5.0%

Test Method: HPLC,TLC

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Application :Use for health care product and food additive;


What is Papaya Seed Powder?Papaya seed powder is made from the seeds of a small tree that is native to the tropical regions of Southern North America and Northern South America. The papaya tree is most well-known for its fruit, but the seeds are also edible and highly nutritious.
Papaya seeds powder contains many of the same compounds as the fruit and is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Papaya seed powder supports the stomach and promotes cardiovascular health.† It may also contribute to healthy skin.Basic Information:Product NamePapaya Seed PowderLatin NameCarica PapayaActive ingredientpapainAppearance50000u/g-800000u/gCAS Number9001-73-4Chemical FormulaC19H29N7O6Molar Mass451.477StorageStore in dry&cool placeSampleAvailable for free
temsStandardsResultsPhysical Analysis

DescriptionLight Brown PowderCompliesAssay10:1CompliesMesh Size100 % pass 80 meshCompliesAsh≤ 5.0%2.85%Loss on Drying≤ 5.0%2.82%Chemical Analysis

Heavy Metal≤ 10.0 mg/kgCompliesPb≤ 2.0 mg/kgCompliesAs≤ 1.0 mg/kgCompliesHg≤ 0.1 mg/kgCompliesMicrobiological Analysis

Residue of PesticideNegativeNegativeTotal Plate Count≤ 1000cfu/gCompliesYeast&Mold≤ 100cfu/gCompliesE.coilNegativeNegativeSalmonellaNegativeNegativePapaya Seed Powder(Carica papaya) Benefits1.Powerful Antioxidant:Papaya seed powder are rich in polyphenols, flavonoids, alkaloids, tannins and saponins. They are strong antioxidants. Antioxidants protect the body from damage by free radicals, protecting us from a variety of diseases.2.Healthy Gut:
Papaya seeds are rich in fibre. They regulate our bowel movements, removing toxins from the body and thus maintaining a healthy gut. They are helpful in constipation.Carpaine present in papaya seeds kills bacteria and parasites in our intestines and thus keep our digestive system healthy.3.Helps in Weight Loss:
Papaya seeds powder are rich in fibre. They keep our digestion on track, thus helping in the removal of toxins from our body. They also help in regulating our metabolism and prevent our body from absorbing fat. This helps in preventing obesity.4.Lowers Cholesterol Levels:
Papaya seeds are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids like oleic acid. These fatty acids regulate cholesterol levels by reducing bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol ).Papaya seeds are also rich in fibre. Fibre helps in reducing cholesterol levels in the body.Thus, consuming papaya seeds helps in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels in our body.5.Anti-cancer Properties:Papaya seeds powder contain polyphenols that are powerful antioxidants. They prevent our body from different types of cancers.Papaya seeds also contain isothiocyanate, which inhibits the formation and development of cancer cells.6.Nephroprotective:
Papaya seed powder protect our kidneys from damage. Consumption of papaya seeds ensures the smooth functioning of our kidneys.7.Maintains Cardiovascular Health:
Papaya seeds protect our heart. These seeds are rich in various antioxidants that protect our body from free radical damage. They also help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, which protects our heart from various disorders.8.Reduces inflammation:
Papaya seeds are proven to be effective in reducing inflammation. Papaya seeds are rich in vitamin C and compounds like alkaloids, flavonoids and polyphenols. All these compounds exhibit anti-inflammatory properties. They are thus useful in preventing and reducing inflammation in diseases like gout, arthritis etc.9.Good for our Skin:
Papaya seed powder exhibits anti-ageing properties. They maintain the elasticity of our skin and thus prevent the development of fine lines and wrinkles.10.Antibacterial:
Papaya seeds protect our body from bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus, Shigella dysenteriae, Salmonella typhi, Pseudomonas aeruginosa , Escherichia coli etc.
Papaya Seed Powder Application:1. Pharmaceutical Industry:
2. Food Industry:
3. Beauty and Cosmetic Industry:
4. Household Chemical Products:
5. Feeds Industry.
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