Paprika Extract

Product name:Paprika Extract

Latin Name:Capsicum annuum L

Active ingredients:chili pigment

Test method:TLC


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Application :Use for health care product and food additive;


What is Paprika Extract?Paprika extract is a deep red, sweet, pungent powder from the ground, dried pod of mild capsicum (Capsicum annuum L.). Paprika extract is obtained by solvent extraction of the dried ground fruit pods of Capsicum annum. The major coloring principles are capsanthin and capsorubin, and other coloring compounds such as other carotenoids are also present. Extracts are slightly viscous, homogeneous red liquids and are used to obtain a deep red color in any food that has a liquid/fat phase.Paprika extract is an extract of the fruits of the genus Capsicum. Capsicums are a widely consumed natural foodstuff used as a vegetable, spice or colour. The variety used to manufacture paprika extract for food colouration is Capsicum annuum. Colour extracts have a very low content of capsaicin in contrast to the extracts used as flavouring agents. Paprika extract primarily consists of carotenoid pigments and extracted or added vegetable oil.Specification:
Product & Batch Information

Product NameCapsicum ExtractCountry of OriginChinaOther NamechiliType of extraction(70:30 E:W)water/ Alcohol extractionPlant PartStem/Seed/Leaf/Fruit (Fresh, 100% Natural)AppearanceFine powderIrradiationNon Irradiated PPSL<700Assay50%-99%GMO StatusNon GMOCertifiedKosher,Halal,Haccp,ISOPaprika Extract Benefits Paprika extract contains capsaicin, a compound found in peppers that has been shown to have a wide range of health benefits. For example, it has antioxidant properties, can help reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease, improve immunity, and even alleviate gas.1.Pain ReliefCapsaicin has been shown to have analgesic effects, and it is used therapeutically for pain management. Some topical pain treatments include capsaicin as an ingredient.2.Healthy Weight The capsaicin in paprika extract may have anti-obesity and appetite-suppressing properties. Studies have shown that paprika extract improves fat metabolism, especially the oxidation of abdominal fat. Capsaicin may also reduce appetite and caloric intake when incorporated as part of a healthy diet.Other compounds in paprika called xanthophylls also show the ability to reduce abdominal fat and BMI.3.UV Protection Incorporating red paprika powder into your diet may help protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun. In a double-blind placebo-controlled study, dietary paprika xanthophylls suppressed UV-induced skin damage. 4.Cancer PreventionSeveral studies point to the anti-cancer effects of capsaicin. Incorporating capsaicin-containing paprika into your diet may provide protection against a wide variety of cancers.Paprika Extract Application: Red paprika powder is used to color meat products, confectionery, vegetable oils, snacks, surimi, seasonings, soups, sauces, salad dressings, marinades, processed cheese, bakery products, fruit preparations, convenient foods and canned goods. Its use as both a color and a spice overlap frequency.The Best Paprika Extract SupplierUndersun enjoys long term relationships with our clients because we focus on customer service and providing great products. If you are interested in our products, we are flexible with the customization of orders to suit your specific need and our quick lead time on orders guarantees you’ll have great tasting our products on-time.We also focus on value-added services. We are available for service questions and information to support your business. Why Choose Undersun Paprika Extract?Undersun specialize in red paprika powder for several years, we supply products with competitive price, and our product is of the highest quality and undergoes strict, independent testing to ensure that it is safe for consumption around the world. Where to buy Paprika Extract?Just send email to, or submit your requirement in bottom form, we are of service at any time! Hot Tags: paprika extract,red paprika powder,paprika powder ingredients,suppliers, manufacturers, factory, wholesale, buy, price, quotation