Passion Flower Extract

Product Name:Passion Flower Extract

Botanical Source:Passiflora caerulea L.

Active Ingredient:Flavone

Specification:5:1,10:1,20:1; 3% 4% 5% Flavone

Test Method:TLC;HPLC

Appearance:Light Brown powder

Particle Size:98% pass 80 mesh

Shelf Life:24 Months


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What is Passion Flower Extract?Passion flower extract is a climbing vine that is native to the southeastern United States and Central and South America.Native peoples of the Americas used passionflower as a sedative. Sixteenth-century Spanish explorers in South America learned of passionflower. The plant was then brought to Europe, where it became widely cultivated and was introduced to European folk medicine.Today, passion flower extract is promoted as a dietary supplement for anxiety and sleep problems, as well as for pain, heart rhythm problems, menopausal symptoms, and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. It is applied to the skin for burns and to treat hemorrhoids.Basic Information:Basic Information
Product NamePassion Flower ExtractLatin NamePassiflora coerulea Linn.
Urtica Cannabina L.
Urtica Cannabina L.SpecificationFlavone 4%, 6% .10:1Test methodUVDetailed Specification
AppearanceBrown fine powderParticle SizeNLT 100% pass through 80 meshAssayFlavone 4%, 6%Loss on DryingNMT5.0%Ash contentNMT5.0%Heavy metals
ArsenicNMT 2.0ppmLeadNMT 2.0ppmMicrobiological Tests
Total Plate CountNMT1000 cfu/gTotal Yeast & MoldNMT100 cfu/gE.ColiNegativeSalmonellaNegativePassion Flower Extract Benefits:
Passionflower for anxietyIn general, there is good evidence to suggest that organic passion flower extract helps relieve anxiety symptoms.Several clinical studies show that passionflower has anxiety-calming (anxiolytic) effects. In one clinical trial, researchers found that P. incarnata had results similar to antianxiety medication in mice. Two other clinical trials in animal models found that it had sedative effects.A 2016 clinical trial found that passionflower decreased anxiety and improved memory in rats. These effects could be due to P. incarnata affecting GABA levels.However, conclusions about the degree to which passionflower works vary from study to study.One review found it to have a significant sedative and calming effect. Other researchers recommend it as an add-on to traditional anxiety treatments.
Passionflower for sleepSome evidence indicates that passion flower extract helps people sleep. Research from 2017 in mice suggests that P. incarnata can have a positive effect on sleep patterns.One study in rats found that P. incarnata significantly increased slow-wave (deep) sleep, reduced rapid eye movement sleep, and helped the rats fall asleep more quickly.Another animal study found that passionflower reduced the time it took to fall asleep and increased the duration of sleep.Determining the effectiveness and identifying side effects in humans will require further research.
Other possible benefitsPassion flower extract may have additional benefits, including:
Reducing menopause symptomsIn one study, participants experienced a significant reduction in symptoms, including headache, depression, insomnia, and anger, compared to a control group, after taking P. incarnata for 3–6 weeks.
EpilepsyResults of a study from 2007 indicate that taking pasipay, a mixture including P. incarnata, increased the time between seizures and their durations.With limited evidence available, determining the effectiveness of passionflower for seizure management will require more research.
Anti-inflammatory effectsSome findings indicate that organic passion flower extract has anti-inflammatory effects, but more research is necessary to determine its uses and effectiveness.Passion Flower Extract DosageADULTSBY MOUTH:For anxiety: Capsules containing 400 mg of passion flower extract twice daily for 2-8 weeks has been used. Also, 45 drops of a liquid extract of passion flower has been used daily for up to one month.For reducing anxiety before surgery: 20 drops of a specific passion flower extract taken the evening before surgery and 90 minutes before the start of surgery has been used. Passion flower 260-1000 mg has been taken 30-90 minutes before dental surgery. Also, a syrup containing 700 mg of passion flower extract (Passiflora syrup by Sandoz) has been taken 30 minutes before surgery.Application:1. Pharmaceutical as capsules or pills.2. Functional food as capsules or pills.3. Water-soluble beverages.4. Health products as capsules or pills.

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