Perilla Seed Extract

1.Product name:Perilla Seed Extract

2.Specification Ratio:10:1;

3.Part Used: Seeds;

4.Appearance: Brown yellow powder;

5.Test method : UV;

6.Package: 25kg/drum;

What is Perilla Seed Extract?Perilla Seed Extract inhibits the production of allergic mediators, leukotrienes (LTs). The mediators are metabolites of arachidonic acid through 5-lipoxygenase (5-LO) pathway. It selectively inhibits 5-LO activity (in vitro). It also inhibits type IV allergy as well as TPA-induced inflammation (in vivo). Moreover, the serum IgE levels were suppressed by administration of perilla seed powder, and allergic rhinitis, hay fever and urticaria were significantly improved on human.
Perilla seeds contain a variety of flavonoids and plant polyphenols. Most of these substances have phenolic hydroxyl groups, which are active groups for scavenging free radicals and active oxygen.In the food industry, some lipid products will cause serious product rancidity due to higher peroxide value, causing manufacturers to suffer huge economic losses, and at the same time harm the health of consumers. The most commonly used method to prevent oxidative rancidity is to add chemically synthesized antioxidants, such as BHA, BHT, TBHQ, etc. Although this is economical and efficient, chemically synthesized antioxidants have been proven to have cumulative carcinogenic effects. Because the perilla plant has a strong antioxidant effect, it is expected to become a highly effective, low-toxic and economical natural antioxidant.
The perilla seed extract extracted from perilla seeds is a substance beneficial to human and animal health. Therefore, it has been assessed by the Ministry of Agriculture as a new feed additive “safe, effective, and environmentally friendly”. Included in the “Catalogue of Feed Additives”.Basic Information:Item of AnalysisSpecificationResultsTest MethodsExtract Ratio10:110:1TLCParticle Size100% pass 80 mesh80MESHCP2010Loss on drying5%NMT (%)2.42%USP<731>Total ash5%NMT (%)2.08%USP<561>Bulk Density45-60g/100mL55g/100mLCP2010IAResidue of SolventsNoneConformNLS-QCS-1007Heavy Metals10ppm Max2.0ppmUSP<231>method IILead (Pb)2ppm NMT0.27 ppmICP-MSArsenic (As)2ppm NMT0.14ppmICP-MSCadmium (Cd)2ppmNMT0.15 ppmICP-MSMercury (Hg)1ppm NMT0.075 ppmICP-MSPesticide Residues1ppm NMT0.082 ppmGas ChromatographyTotal Plate Count1000cfu/g Max145cfu/g MaxUSP<61>Yeast & Mold100cfu/g Max40cfu/g MaxUSP<61>E. Coli.NegativeConformUSP<61>SalmonellaNegativeConformUSP<61>StaphylococcusNegativeConformUSP<61>

Perilla Seed Extract Benefits:1. Lowers CholesterolPerilla seed extract are great for lowering LDL or bad cholesterol and increasing HDL or good cholesterol thus helping to prevent cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, and strokes, and even cancer. And it also helps to prevent atherosclerosis.

2. Lowered Heart Disease RiskJust like what’s mentioned earlier, the superb ratio of healthy fats in perilla makes this herb beneficial for preventing heart disease. It helps in maintaining healthy blood vessels, keeping them from becoming hard and prone to accumulating plaque. Antioxidants in perilla help prevent the oxidation of cholesterol in the food you eat, keeping them out of the arteries where they can collect and cause some very serious problems.

3. Anti-Depressant Agent and Great for the BrainBecause of all the powerful antioxidant properties of Perilla Seed Powder, the oils have a major effect on our dopamine centers in our brain thus helping to make us feel happier. And it also helps to optimize brain function and help with memory. The University of Maryland Medical also found that ALA found in Perilla Seeds can help with depression.
4. Increase ImmunityCompounds present in this herb have been recognized to trigger interferon activity which helps in promoting the health of the immune system and thus keeping numerous diseases at a bay.

5. Reduce stomach discomfortLeaves of Perilla seed extract consist of flavonoids, which help relieve the signs of stomach discomfort. This includes bloating, nausea and the passage of gas. The oil can also help reduce inflammation in the stomach thus improving digestion whilst reducing the effects of indigestion.

6. Reduced Oxidative StressThere are a number of health nightmares that can be traced back to oxidative stress. They range anywhere from arthritis to cancer. Oxidative stress is something that happens when the body becomes flooded with excessive amounts of free radicals. Antioxidants found copiously in perilla are the ones that are totally capable of wiping out those excess free radicals, and that’s why the herb is often used for the prevention of issues related to oxidative stress.

7. CancerBecause of all the powerful antioxidants Perilla seed extract have the ability to prevent the growth of cancer cells as found in laboratory settings. The more antioxidants we consume daily the lower our chances of having cancer.

8. Prevents CavitiesPerilla Seed Powder and the plant consist of lots of Luteolin which helps to reduce dental cavities. Japan’s Asahi University found that Perilla Seeds and leaves prevent the growth of detrimental bacteria in the mouth.

9. Effective shield against sunPaste of the perilla leaves when applied on skin tends to prevent sun burn. Consumed as a decoction it is also known to be beneficial in preventing sun stroke. Not only does it prevent the above mentioned diseases it also helps in curing sunstrokes or warts if already occurred.

10. Decrease stomach and intestinal discomfortsLeaf is especially important for this function, as it consists of flavonoids, rosmarinic acid, and caffeic acid. Research has shown that perilla can help improve bloating, passage of gas, rumbling, and feeling of fullness shortly after starting to take an extract through prokinetic (helps strengthen the lower esophageal sphincter, thus preventing acid reflux) and antispasmodic (prevents and decreases cramping) effects.

11. Managed Joint Pain and InflammationFatty acids present in Perilla Seed Powder are helpful most especially for people who are regularly bugged by achy and swollen joints. It’s for the fact that those beneficial fats support the joints, keeping them from becoming painful and inflamed. Supplementing with perilla may help those who are susceptible to arthritis as they can be saved from the need to regularly pop NSAIDs in their mouths, which are drugs known to carry all sorts of side effects and risks.

12. Great for Asthma, Colds, Allergies, and BronchitisPerilla seeds consist of lots of quercetin, luteolin, alpha-lineolic acid, and rosmarinic acid which are all great for healing the respiratory tract and helping a person to breathe easy. “International Archives of Allergy and Immunology” article found that with four weeks of treatment with Perilla Seeds greatly increased lung capacity.13. Effective against infection or swellingThe herb has been known to contain rosmaric acid which is one of the prime compounds which helps in prevention against skin allergies and swelling. Extract from the leaves is known to prevent any such situations from occurring.

14. Great for Problem SkinPerilla Oil is used in cosmetics and works great for problem skin. With all the anti-inflammatory qualities, antioxidants, antibacterial, and the ability to help retain more water in the skin it works wonders for healing rashes, acne, and helps to get rid of wrinkles and create a youthful great looking skin.

15. Maintain Oral HealthAccording to the researches carried out in Japan this herb is known to possess anti-microbial properties and tends to maintain oral health. When consumed orally it tends to avoid issues such as bleeding of gums as well as reduction of any oral cavities.

16. Improves wellbeingPerilla consists of Rosmarinic and Caffeic Acid, which have been recognized as having antidepressant qualities, therefore helping relieve you of stress and anxiety issues. The herb is also used in aromatherapy to help people relax and let go of any tension they tend to harbor and feel.

17. Managed Joint Pain and InflammationFatty acids present in perilla are helpful most especially for people who are regularly bugged by achy and swollen joints. It’s for the fact that those beneficial fats support the joints, keeping them from becoming painful and inflamed. Supplementing with perilla may help those who are prone to arthritis as they can be saved from the need to regularly pop NSAIDs in their mouths, which are drugs known to carry all sorts of side effects and risks.

18. Reduced Allergy Signs and SymptomsPerilla is known to lend a hand to people who are suffering from allergies. That’s because the herb is proven to help control the release of histamine in the body, which happens during exposure to allergens. Numerous researches have shown that perilla is indeed effective in controlling various allergy signs and symptoms, including itchy and watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing and even shortness of breath.

Applciation of Perilla Seed Extract:1.Perilla Seed Extract can be used in food production2. It can be used in the production of medicine
3. It can be used in the production of cosmetics
4. It can be used in animal production

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