Pinellia Extract

Product Name: Pinellia

Latin Name: Pinellia ternata (Thunb.) Breit.


Appearance: Brown powder;

Test Method: TLC;

Advantage: bulk stock in USA warehouse,New product for the marketing;


What is Pinellia?Pinellia extract uses the tuber of Pinellia ternata (Thunb.) Breit. as a raw material to extract a yellow powder product, mainly containing amino acids, β-sitosterol, Pinellia protein, alkaloids, volatile oil, etc. Pinellia is also known as Banyuelian, Three-step Jump, Dibadou, Sanye Pinellia, etc. It is the dry tuber of Pinelliaternata (Thunb.) Breit. name. Its nature and flavor are pungent and warm, toxic, and belong to the lung, spleen and stomach meridians.This product is pungent, warm and dry. It is an essential medicine for removing dampness and resolving phlegm and warming cold phlegm. It is good for treating damp phlegm in the internal organs. It is an essential medicine for vomiting. Vomiting caused by various reasons can be used in combination with the syndrome. Vomiting is particularly suitable. Pinellia xinkai disperses knots, reduces phlegm and eliminates lumps, and can also treat symptoms such as plum nucleus qi, phlegm heat in the chest, hypocardia fullness, etc.; external use can reduce swelling and relieve pain, treat gallbladder sputum nucleus, ulcer, swollen poison, and snake bites .
The source of Rhizoma Pinelliae Extract is the dry tuber of Pinellia ternata (Thunb.) Breit. summer.Excavate in the second season of autumn, wash, remove the skin and roots, and dry. [Raw material form-KinGreen]: Pinellia, also known as: Three-leaf Pinellia Small perennial herb, 15 to 30 cm high. The tuber is nearly globose.The extract of Pinellia ternata is wild in the damp grass or under the forest on the hillside, stream. It is distributed in most parts of our country.Basic Information:
Physical Control
Identification:PositiveOdor:CharacteristicTaste:CharacteristicExtract ration10:1Sieve Analysis:NLT 95% Pass 80 meshChemical Control
Arsenic (As)NMT 1ppmCadmium(Cd)NMT 1ppmLead (Pb)NMT 3ppmMercury(Hg)NMT 0.1ppmHeavy MetalsNMT 10ppmPhosphate OrganicsNMT 1ppmPesticides ResiduesNMT 1ppmMicroorganism Control
Total Plate Count1000cfu/g MaxP.aeruginosaAbsentS. aureusAbsentSalmonellaAbsentYeast & Mold100cfu/g MaxE.ColiNegativeStaphylococcusNegativeAflatoxinsNMT 0.2ppbPinellia Benefits:Outside of Chinese Medicine, pinellia ternata is used for nausea, morning sickness, cough, birth control, influenza (flu), swine flu, and pain and swelling (inflammation). However, since April 2004, pinellia ternata has been banned in the US because it contains chemicals called ephedrine alkaloids.It is an ingredient in Sho-seiryu-to (SST), which is used for the flu. Outside of Chinese Medicine, pinellia ternata is used for nausea, morning sickness, cough, birth control, influenza (flu), swine flu, and pain and swelling (inflammation).
1).It remove damp and phlegm, to relieve nausea and vomiting, and to eliminate stuffiness in the chest and the epigastrium.Cough and asthma with much phlegm;
2).It Dizziness and palpitation due to retention of phlegm and fluid;
3).Vertigo caused by wind-phlegm; beadache with cold extremities due to attack of phlegm; stuffiness in the chest and the epigastrium;
4).Globus hystericus. Rhizoma Pineliae (processed with ginger ) is often used for relieving nausea and vomiting, while Rhizoma pinelliae (Proccessed with alum) for removing damp and phlegm.
5).It (unproccessed) is used externally for boils, sores and lymphadenitis. It can Clearing dampness to reduce phlegm, lowering the adverse Qi to stop vomiting.Pinellia Application:1. Applied in food field
2. Applied in daily necessities field
3. Applied in pharmaceutical field

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