Polygonum Cuspidatum Resveratrol

Product Name:Polygonum cuspidatum root extract / Giant Knotweed Extract

Latin Name: Polygonum cuspidatum Zucc.

Part used: Rhizome or Root

Appearance: White fine powder

Specification: Resveratrol 10%,20%,50%,98%

Type: Anti-Oxidation series extract

Test Method: HPLC

Molecular formula: C14H12O3

Molecular Weight: 228.2

Polygonum cuspidatum extract is a product extracted from the root or rhizome of Polygonumcus pidatum. Commercial extracts are usually standardized to contain polygonum cuspidatum resveratrol 20%, 50%, 80%, 99%. It has the functions of protecting the cardiovascular system, protecting the liver and promoting gallbladder, and anti-cancer. Polygonum cuspidatum extract has been widely used in various industries such as medicine, health care products, cosmetics, etc., and there is a huge room for demand in the international market.

Polygonum cuspidatum resveratrol is a phenolic antioxidant abundant in grape skins and the putative reason for the cardiovascular health benefits of moderate red wine consumption. Hu zhang is the Chinese (pinyin) name for the herb Polygonum cuspidatum, which contains significant amounts of resveratrol.

resveratrol polygonum cuspidatum

Basic Information:

Product namePolygonum Cuspidatum Root Extract,Polygonum Cuspidatum Resveratrol,resveratrol from polygonum cuspidatum root extract
Latin namePolygonum cuspidatum
Part usedRoot
Extraction TypeSolvent Extraction
Active IngrdientsResveratrol
Cas No501-36-0
Molecular FormulaC14H12O3
Formula Weight228.24
SynonymsResveratrol/polygonum cuspidatum extract/Giant Knotweed Extract/Polydatin/Polygonum Cuspidatum Root Extract
Test MethodHPLC
Formula StructureZA}4U$Q6)KR0`6KOGT[]J75.png
SpecificationsResveratrol 10%,20%,50%,98%
Resveratrol 98% White Powder additives.dietary supplement. pharmaceuticals..

Polygonum Cuspidatum Resveratrol Benefits

Polygonum Cuspidatum Resveratrol Benefits :

Applied topically, resveratrol helps protect skin’s surface, interrupts and helps rebuff negative environmental influences, and brightens a tired-looking complexion. It also has significant skin-calming properties that may help minimize the look of redness. Look for resveratrol in moisturizers and eye creams.

When the ingredient is applied topically, the main functionality of resveratrol helps to protect the skin’s surface. With that said, it does have a few other benefits:

Protects the skin: Resveratrol is able to interrupt negative environmental influences as well as protect the skin from UV damage.”Our skin is the largest organ in the body, and it functions as your body’s first line of defense against harmful microorganisms,” says Green. “Using an antioxidant such as resveratrol helps boost your skin’s natural barriers so that your skin looks and feels smoother and healthier.”

1.Slows aging: Green says polygonum cuspidatum resveratrol works on a cellular level in order to fight the process of aging by stimulating healthy cell proliferation. As Shamban explains, “Resveratrol forms complex molecules with certain metal ions, inactivating their ability to form free radicals, and therefore improving cellular function and supporting fibroblasts, along with the creation of healthy collagen. This combination one-two punch makes resveratrol highly effective in combating the damaging effect of free radicals that leads to skin aging.”

2.Reduces redness: Shamban says polygonum cuspidatum resveratrol contains key skin-calming properties that help minimize the look of redness and inflammation.

3.Evens skin: Green says not only does resveratrol brighten and even your skin tone, but it also works to improve the overall texture of your skin.

4.Hydrates the skin: Green also adds that resveratrol polygonum cuspidatum can hydrate your skin and prevent it from becoming dry.

Application :

1. In pharmaceutical field: it is mainly used for reducing blood sugar, blood pressure, blood fat and enhancing immunity;

2. In food field: it is mainly used as food additives for colorant and health care not only owning sweet taste, but also brightness color;

3. In cosmetic field: it is mainly used to Antioxidant and UV protection;

4. In health products field: it’s made into capsule,and it has already become ne of the top ten salable natural plant extact products and owns the reputation of “natural health care product” and “orally cosmetics” in America.