MF: C11H15BrClO3PS
MW: 373.63
CAS: 41198-08-7


C bromine phosphorous
A kind of broad-spectrum efficient, moderate toxicity and low residue of organophosphorus pesticides, as the introduction of market in the early 80 s. Belong to the cholinesterase inhibitors. Single optical isomer, because of the chiral phosphorus atoms, show different insecticidal activity and inhibition of acetylcholinesterase ability. Have Chemicalbook tag and stomach poison effect of systemic insecticidal, acaricidal agent, has conduction effect, has killed activity of eggs. Mainly used for cotton, corn, beet, soybean, potato, vegetables, tobacco and other crops, pest control, particularly lepidoptera pests and mites. Might lead to cotton slightly to become red.

The characteristics of c bromine phosphorous:
1, good effect of prevention and treatment of resistant bug mite c bromine phosphorous action quickly, for other organophosphorus and pyrethroid resistant pests is still effective, is the effective prevention and control of pest resistance. 2, compound can be used mixed with strain will increase the larger Chemicalbook c bromine phosphorous pesticide effect into full play. For the vast majority of agricultural spider mites, suck juice and leafy pests have good effect. 3, strong permeability permeability in leaves and insect body directly, can exterminate lurking within the blade (back), in the paddy field, fruit and insect pests in drilling in straw.

Prevention and control of objects:
C bromine phosphorous is asymmetric excellent representative varieties of organophosphorus pesticides, applicable to the prevention and control of all kinds of mites, aphids, leaf moth, the moth, such as cotton bollworm and cotton aphid, pink bollworm, two three moth, vertical rice leaf curl moth, leek maggots, etc.

Asymmetry of organophosphorus pesticides. Has the effects of tag and stomach poison, no inner absorption effect, insecticidal spectrum is wide, can prevent cotton, vegetables to harmful insects and mites. Administered dose for: the sap-sucking insects and mites active ingredients of 2.5 ~ 5.0 g / 100 m2; For chewing Chemicalbook insect active ingredients of 6.7 ~ 12 g / 100 m2. Used for the prevention and treatment of cotton, vegetables, fruit trees such as a variety of insect pests of crops, especially the resistance of cotton bollworm excellent control effect to use systemic broad spectrum insecticide, cotton and vegetables to the harmful insects and mites