CAS no. : 25606-41-1
Molecular formula: C9H21ClN2O2
Molecular weight: 224.73
EINECS no. : 247-125-9


Melting point 45 to 55 °
Storage conditions 0 to 6 °
(CASDataBaseReferChemicalbookence CCAS database 25606-41-1)
The EPA chemical information Propamocarbhydrochloride (25606-41-1)

Downy mildew hydrochloride is a kind of inner attracts, fungicide, inhibit bacteria cell membrane phospholipids and fatty acids in the inhibition of mycelial growth of chemical synthesis, sporangium formation and spore germination, have a function of protection and treatment Chemicalbook, apply to the soil, seed treatment and surface spray processing. Because its not easy gasification, in water solution and is easily dissociated into organic cation, thus not analysis, domestic not seen on the chromatographic quantitative analysis reports.

A kind of high efficiency, broad spectrum, safety of carbamate sterilization, mainly used for the prevention and control of vegetable downy mildew, epidemic disease, etc

To prevent and delay the bacteria resistance, should pay attention to and other pesticides used interchangeably, spraying times up to 3 times each season. Do not mix with alkaline substances, in order to avoid failure.