Psyllium Seed Powder

Prodcut name:Bulk Psyllium Powder

Latin Name: Plantago Ovata, Plantago Ispaghula

Specification Ratio: 99% Husk, 98% Powder

Appearance: off -white powder

Mesh size: 40-60 Mesh

Used Part: Husk

Grade: Food Additives

Test method :TLC

What is Psyllium Seed Powder?Psyllium has been used in traditional European herbalism for centuries. The Psyllium Seed Powder is tasteless and odorless and can be added to most foods. Psyllium powder is ground from organic Plantago ovata seeds, without the husks. The powder can be employed for its mucilaginous and emollient properties. Psyllium seed powder is commonly used in cosmetics and culinary recipes as a thickening stabilizer.
Also called Indian psyllium and blonde psyllium, the plant belongs to the Plantaginaceae family. Ground seed always taken with at least 1 full glass of water. If not grinding, soak in warm water for 2 to 6 hours before use. May also be taken as an extract and sometimes as a capsule. Because of its neutral flavor it may be added to most food dishes.
Psyllium seed powder and psyllium seed husk are both derived from the Plantago Ovata plant.The fiber from this plant swells up and forms a gel when coming into contact with liquids which assists with digestion and moving waste through the gastrointestinal track.The powder is made by grinding the husks down to produce a finer and less grainy texture; if you are adding psyllium to foods, the powder may be a better choice due to the ability to mix more thoroughly with less of a taste.
Psyllium seed husk powder is commonly known by the brand name Metamucil; however, it is not found in Benefiber or Citrucel.Basic Information:Product namePsyllium Seed PowderAppearanceOff-white PowderPartical size100% Pass 80 MeshMOQ1kgcertificateISO9001/Halal/KosherShelf life2 yearsSampleavailableSupplierUndersunProduct descriptionPsyllium husk also simply called psyllium are parts of the seeds of the plant Plantago ovata of the genus Plantago which native to India but can be found elsewhere. Psyllium husks are hygroscopic, capable of absorbing fluids primarily used as bulk forming laxative and a good source of dietary fiber and used commercially to produce mucilage.Psyllium Seed Benefits:1.Cholesterol ReductionAs is the case for other types of dietary fiber, psyllium seed powder can significantly affect the health of the heart by lowering cholesterol. Excess dietary fiber works to decreases the amount of cholesterol absorbed from food, preventing it from sticking in the arteries and blood vessels. This helps to reduce the chances of atherosclerosis and the consequent heart issues that can arise. It does not, however, reduce the amounts of good cholesterol (HDL), which keeps your cholesterol levels balanced and healthy. Furthermore, it stimulates the production of bile, which further uses cholesterol.
2.Digestive ProblemsThe main function of psyllium is to improve the functionality and efficiency of the digestive system, namely by binding with water in the gut. If you are suffering from diarrhea, psyllium seed husk powder can help to bulk up your stool and normalize your bowel movements. If you struggle with constipation issues, it can also help reduce that discomfort, as it can stimulate peristaltic motion and keep your bowels moving smoothly. It can also help reduce straining and inflammation, which can help eliminate hemorrhoids and gastric ulcers.
3.May Reduce Blood Sugar LevelsA 2010 study by researchers from the University of California suggested that psyllium seed powder supplementation could be used as an additional therapeutic option for people who are already on diabetes medication and still have high postprandial glucose levels.
4.Weight Loss IssuesOne of the best things about dietary fiber is that it creates the feeling of fullness, and that sense of satiety is very important for people looking to cut down on their weight. By preventing between-meal snacking, psyllium supplements can keep your energy levels up without adding on the pounds. Oat bran often contains psyllium seed husk powder and is a popular choice for a healthy snack.
5.Blood PressureIn various studies of dietary fibers, associations between blood pressure and fiber have been suggested, but psyllium is one of the few compounds that is consistently shown to reduce blood pressure in those who regularly consume it. Although you can’t call it a vasodilator, necessarily, psyllium can certainly ease the tension on blood vessels and arteries of the heart.
6.Anti-inflammatory PropertiesThere are several studies that have shown the mucilage of psyllium seed husk powder to reduce inflammation in the gut and colon. This is due to the fibrous activity found in this unique mucilage, as it can ease the stress and strain on the colon.
7.Detoxify the BodyAlthough psyllium seed powder is often called a laxative, it is just a highly efficient type of dietary fiber. However, it does effectively detoxify the body, as cleansing out the gastrointestinal system can also be very cleansing and beneficial for overall gut health.Application:Applications: Health drinks, ice cream, bread, biscuits, cakes, jams, instant noodles, cereal breakfasts, etc. to increase fiber content or food swell;
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