Puerarin Extract

Product Name:Puerarin Extract

Latin Name: Pueraria lobata (Willd.) Ohwi

Specification: puerarin 10%-80%;

Appearance: Brown Powder;

Test Method: HPLC ,UV;

Advantage:Best recomond for the female health care;


What is Puerarin Extract?Puerarin, one of several known isoflavones, is found in a number of plants and herbs, such as the root of Pueraria (Radix puerariae) notably of the kudzu plant.Pueraria mirifica extract, genistein, and puerarin also decreased the RANKL/OPG ratio, suggesting that they could decrease osteoclast-mediated bone resorption. However, neither Puerarin extract nor its phytoestrogens altered calcium deposition in osteoblast culture. In conclusion, we have established baboon primary osteoblast culture, which is a new tool for bone research and drug discovery. Furthermore, the present results provide substantial support for the potential of puerarin extract and its phytoestrogens to be developed as therapeutic agents against bone fragility.
Basic Information:
Product Name:Kudzu Root Extract/Puerarin ExtractLatin Name:Pueraria lobata (Wild.) Ohwi (Root)English Name:pueraria mirificaSpecification :≥40% 60% 98% by HPLC;Ratio:5:1 10:1 20:1Active Ingredients:IsoflavonesPart Used :rootAppearance:Brown YellowPackage&Storage
Packing Detail: Packed in 40cm*50cm paper-drums and two plastic-bags inside.Net Weight: 25kgs/drum.Storage Situation: Stored in a well-closed container away from moisture and strong light/heat.

Puerarin Extract Benefits1.Puerarin is capable of lowering glucose levels in diabetic patients. In a dose-dependent high glucose treatment, puerarin enhanced glucose uptake of insulin resistant adipocytes and upregulated the protein expression of GLUT-4 in skeletal muscle to cause the effects of lowering blood glucose and insulin levels.2.Puerarin also protects against cerebral ischemia and reperfusion. An in vivo study showed that rats with middle cerebral artery occlusion received puerarin (100 mg/kg, i.p.) resulting in improving neurological functions and diminishing infarct and edema volume.3.Moreover, puerarin protected primary hippocampal neurons against apoptosis and necrosis caused by glutamate and oxygen/glucose deprivation.4.Puerarin significantly increased the spontaneous behavior and explorative response in the aging mice in the open field test and improved their learning memory ability. Though there have been limited clinical trials of the single use of Gegen, it can be a potential candidate to suppress aging-related neuronal cell apoptosis and dysfunction of the memory system.Kudzu Root Extract Application:1.As the crud drug for cardiovascular drugs, it is widely used in biopharmaceuticals:
2.With a unique effect for lipid-lowering, it is widely used to be added into foods and health products:
3.With a unique effect of phytoestrogen ,it is widely used in cosmetics field to defer senility.
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