Shaomanjing;Pyridaben E.C.,penetrating;2-T-BUTYL-5-(4-T-BUTYLBENZYLTHIO)-4-CHLOROPYRIDAZIN-3(2H)-ONE;Hsdb 7052;Pyridaben [iso];Pyridaben 1g [96489-71-3];Proposed;BAS 300

MF: C19H25ClN2OS
MW: 364.93
CAS: 96489-71-3


Dalai mite spirit
An available spectrum acaricide, medium toxicity to mammals. To birds low toxicity, high toxicity to fish, shrimp, and the bees. The medicament tag, no inner, conduction and fumigation Chemicalbook absorption, on every stages of the leaf mites (eggs, larvae mites, if mites and adult mites) has good effect; To rust mite control effect is better also, readily availability, the effective length, generally can reach 1 to 2 months.

Dalai mite spirit is the heterocyclic low poison, acaricide, acaricidal spectrum is wide and its tag sex is strong, no inner absorption, transmission and fumigation, for all of phytophagous spider mites has obvious control effect, such as whole claw mites, leaf mites, gall mite, small claws mite, etc., and mites in different growth period, for example, in mite eggs period stage, if the mites, mites, mobile phase in adult mites have prevention and cure effect. In our country is mainly used for citrus, apple, pear, hawthorn fruit crops, such as in vegetables (except the eggplant), tobacco, tea, cotton Chemicalbook, and also can be used on ornamental plants. Dalai mite spirit widely used ornamental fruits pests, prevention and control of spider mites. But should be controlled in the export of tea garden. Period can be applied in spider mites (to improve the control effect is best in 2 ~ 3 per leaf head), will be 20% wettable powder or 15% oil to water dilution to 50 to 70 mg/L (2300 ~ 3000 times) spray. Security clearances for 15 days, namely discontinued 15 days before the harvest. But the literature shows that the actual are effective in more than 30 days.

Matters needing attention
(1) toxic to human and animal, and not swallowed, inhaled or penetrate into the skin, eyes or contaminated clothing, etc. When applying pesticide should be protected, to wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after applying pesticide, face, etc. If hurt skin, should immediately take off clothes, wash with soap and water. If hurt eyes, flush with water; If the inhalation poisoning, should be sent to fresh air place, loosen the button, make its breathe easier, taken to the hospital when necessary. Such as eating clean water thoroughly clean the mouth, or Chemicalbook irrigation to the throat with finger after two cups of induce vomiting. (2) reagents should be stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place, do not mingle with food. (3) not Wells, ponds and water pollution. Just spray zone ban into the people and animals. (4) using flowering is bad for the bees. (5) with most of the insecticidal, fungicide mixture, but not with strong alkaline reagents such as lime sulfur and bordeaux mixture liquid mixture. (6) up to use 2 times a year, security clearances for three days before harvest.

For a broad spectrum, tag, acaricidal pesticide used in cotton, orange, fruit trees and other cash crops in mites pest prevention and control.
Used for prevention and control of fruit trees, cotton, wheat, peanuts, vegetables and other crops on various mites