Radix Panacis Extract

Product Name :Radix Panacis Extract

Latin Name: Panax quinquefolius

Specification Ratio: 10:1, 10%, 30%

Part Used: Root

Appearance: Yellowish Powder

Test method : TLC/UV/HPLC


Promote physical, mental and brain protection, anti-aging effects;

Antimutagenic, anti-cancer effects;

What is Radix Panacis Extract?
Radix Panacis Extract is derived from ginseng, which is rich in a variety of saponins, and there are dozens of extracted compounds. Panax ginseng (Panax ginseng) is a plant that grows in South Korea, Northeast China and Eastern Siberia. People use the root to make medicine. The editor reminds me not to confuse people with American ginseng, Siberian ginseng or Panax ginseng.Radix Panacis Extract is taken orally to improve thinking, concentration, memory, Alzheimer’s disease, work efficiency, physical strength, prevent muscle damage and exercise endurance caused by exercise; some people use ginseng extract to help them cope with stress and as a General supplements to improve health.
Radix Panacis Extract is also used to fight depression, anxiety, general fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), multiple sclerosis, to strengthen the immune system, and to fight specific lung diseases called cystic fibrosis infection. These infections are caused by bacteria called Pseudomonas. Some people use ginseng extract to fight breast cancer, prevent ovarian cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer and skin cancer. Other uses include fighting anemia, chronic bronchitis, swine flu, prediabetes and diabetes,
Ginseng extract is also good for stomach inflammation (gastritis), fever, hangover, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), HIV/AIDS, fertility problems and male sexual dysfunction, increase female sexual arousal and asthma and other diseases effect.Basic Information:Name:Radix Panacis ExtractLatin Name:Panax ginseng C. A. MeyerAppearance:YellowPart:RootTest Method:HPLC/UVForm:powderSpecification:Ginsenoside UV 5% 20% 70%
Panaxoside UV 10% 40% 80% HPLC 20% 30%
Ginsenosides UV 80%

Function:1).The prevention of diseases caused by the pressure
2). Fatigue resistance and restore energy
3). Stimulate immunity

Shelf Life:2 years when properly stored

Radix panacis root Radix Panacis Extract Benefits:1. It enhances the function of immune system and the ability of anti-infection;2. Anti-aging, which will delay the ageing of the cells and extend cell’s life;3. It Protects hematopoietic function and improves hepatic detoxifcation function;4. Anti-tumour, ginsenosides can inhibit more than 10 kinds of tumors, such as lung cancer, colorectal cancer, leukemia and so on;5. It has the function of improving the body’s adaptability.
Application of Radix Panacis Extract:
1. Used in the medical and health care industry, it can be formulated into anti-fatigue, anti-aging and brain health food;2. Used in the beauty cosmetics industry, it can be formulated into cosmetics that remove spots, reduce wrinkles, activate skin cells, and enhance skin elasticity;3. It can also be used as food additives.【Application Forms】: suppositories, lotions, injections, tablets, capsules, etc.

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