Raw Spirulina Powder

Product Name:Raw Spirulina Powder

Appearance: Green powder

Purity: 100% pure spirulina powder

Appearance:green fine powder.

Mesh Size:100% through 80 mesh

3.KOSHER, HALAL,Certificates;

4.Spirulina is feed grade and food grade according to application;

What is Raw Spirulina Powder?Our Raw Spirulina Powder is a blue-green algae that is grown in open-channel, shallow, man-made raceway ponds. Paddle wheels move the water to accelerate growth while growers continually add clean, fresh water and nutrients to the ponds to keep the spirulina thriving. When ready, the spirulina is harvested with filters, washed in fresh water, and then dried by spray drying machines. Our spirulina is non-irradiated and non-GMO.
Spirulina is a blue-green algae that people can take as dietary supplement. It is an anti-oxidant, assists in fighting inflammation and helps to improve the immune system. It is a high-nutrient, low-calorie food, natural detoxifier and contains lots of nutrition and vitamins.
Pure spirulina powder can be added to smoothies, sprinkle on salads or in soups, stir it in vegetable or fruit juices.Basic Information:Appearance:Raw Spirulina PowderOdor:CharacteristicProtein:55% Min.Ash:8% Max.Moisture:8%Max.Arsenic mg/kg:1Max.Pb mg/kg3 Max.Cd mg/kg:1 Max.Hg mg/kg0.1 Max.Bacteria Count:10000cfu/g Max.E Coli MPN/100g:40Max.Pathogenic Bacteria:NegativeRaw Spirulina Powder Benefit and Uses:
1.Spirulina and chronic fatigue:Raw Spirulina Powder has been publically known as “the food of the future” with high energy levels and it contains some components like Rhamnose and Glycogen which are used by human cells and help in energy release. Naturally, spirulina increases healthy lactobacillus. Spirulina also produces Vitamin B6 that also helps in energy release.2.Boosts Immune system:Pure spirulina powder is rich in chlorophyll which is a detoxifying agent, which detoxifies heavy metals from the body. Spirulina contains allophycocyanin and phycocyanin that improve the immune system by increasing white blood cells in the human body.3.Allergy, Rhinitis, and Immunomodulation:Raw Spirulina Powder uses as an anti-inflammatory food. Also, it exhibits anti-inflammatory properties. In a recent study, it is studied that spirulina takes about 12 weeks to show their effects. Normally it has observed that deficiency of nutrients is responsible for many diseases and changes in immunity. Similarly, in a study, it has proven that Spirulina improves the human immune system.4.Antiviral applications:
In vitro studies, it has been proved that spirulina is the best superfood which increases our immunity and works as an antiviral agent. In many studies, it has been observing that platensis inhibited HIV-1 replications. Even it has been observed that spirulina products are very effective in fighting certain viruses. Spirulina will be even more effective If we use spirulina on a regular basis.5.Spirulina is effective in diabetes and cholesterol:
In many developed and developing countries, cardiovascular disease is one of the major cause of death. Even if the government trying their best to make people aware. Many recent studies, it has been found that pure spirulina powder is very effective in lowering cholesterol. In India diabetes is a major problem and people don,t find any perfect cure but in the study, it has been shown that spirulina is very effective for diabetes and lowers sugar level.6. Helps treat Heart diseases:
Raw Spirulina Powder lowers blood cholesterol levels. Therefore, It helps in reducing the risk of having Cardio-Vascular diseases. Spirulina is also an excellent medicine for fighting Diabetes. Spirulina is rich in Vitamin –B6 which helps in softening blood vessels and lowering cholesterol levels.7.Anticancer Effects:In a study conducted by a USA based university, it has proved that if we continuously use spirulina for 1 year or more it starts tumor destruction properties and helps in cancer prevention. Similarly, spirulina decreases the growth speed of cancer cells. This study was specifically focused on spirulina effects on cancer patients and after whole observation. As a result, it has been observed that spirulina shows anticancer effects, hence, we can say that these health benefits of Spirulina are the reasons why we call it a superfood.8.Chronic Arsenic Poisoning:In many Asian countries like Bangladesh, India, Taiwan, China millions of people consuming a high concentration of arsenic through there water, as a result, many people face cancer. In a study, it has been observed that spirulina is very effective when we continuously use spirulina. This study was performed on a few people who were facing this arsenic poisoning problem. The result shows that spirulina is very effective to extract plus zinc daily for 4 to 5 months may be useful for the treatment of arsenic poisoning with melanosis and keratosis.9.Improves Digestion:The major problem faced by elders is Constipation. Some elders may die because of this serious problem. 100 pure spirulina powder helps improve digestion. It is rich in Beta-carotene which improves digestion Spirulina also helps in reducing gastric problems, As Spirulina is rich in protein and chlorophyll, it helps in reducing Gastric ulcers.10.Angi aging properties:100 pure spirulina powder is rich in antioxidants. They help in reducing wrinkles, dark circles and aging of the skin. Because of this, Spirulina is also used as the beautifying agent. It is also rich in Vitamin –E, and GLA, Which helps reduce hair fall and imparting collagen in the skin.Because of the above-stated reasons, Spirulina is the best supplement that has to be used by the elderly for having a happy, healthy and peaceful life without having to roam around hospitals.
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