Rhodiola Powder

Product Name:Rhodiola Root Extract

Specification:3% 1%;

Latin Name:Rhodiola rosea Linn.

Appearance: brown;

Test Method: HPLC TLC;

Advantage: bulk stock in USA warehouse;


What is Rhodiola Root Powder?Rejuvenate your body and mind with Rhodiola Root Powder. As a nourishing adaptogenic root, it reduces fatigue, relieves stress, and improves overall health. Rhodiola rosea powder can help you feel your best both physically and mentally. Embrace its restorative effects by adding the powder to your smoothies, teas and soups. The sweet and slightly bitter taste of rhodiola rosea blends seamlessly with a variety of beverages and foods.Basic Information:
Product nameRhodiola Root ExtractLatin nameRhodiola rosea Linn.Part usedRootHarvest timeSpring and AutumnExtraction TypeSolvent ExtractionActive IngrdientsSalidroside, RosavinsCas No10338-51-9; 84954-92-7Molecular FormulaC14H20O7; C20H28O10Formula Weight300.304; 428.4303SynonymsSedum rosea (L.) Scop. Sedum /hodiola DC./Rhodiola arctica Boriss.,/hodiola iremelica Boriss./ Rhodiola scopolii Simonk./ Sedum scopolii Simonk./ Золотой Корень/ Solotoy KorenTest MethodHPLCFormula StructureSalidroxide
RosavinSpecifications10:1 Brown powderRosavins 1%-5% Brown powder
Salidroside 1%10% Brown powder
Rhodiola Root Extract Benefits:
1. Helps Burn More Belly Fat One of the many incredible characteristics of rhodiola powder is that it helps your body burn stored fat more efficiently as fuel. We all know that exercise — especially interval exercise like burst training — can increase fat loss, but if you want an extra edge, then consider taking rhodiola along with regularly exercising to accelerate your weight loss efforts.
What allows rhodiola to help lose belly fat? Certain animal studies have found evidence that Rhodiola rosea might reduce visceral white adipose tissue and increase hypothalamic norepinephrine to help prevent diet-induced obesity.
Rhodiola’s most active compound, rosavin, has been shown to trigger a fat-burning response. Because it helps normalize cortisol levels, rhodiola may also reduce cravings for unhealthy “comfort foods” and delay fat-accumulation that is tied to high cortisol levels (especially fat around the abdomen/belly).
Rosavin works by stimulating an enzyme called “hormone-sensitive lipase,” which has the ability to breakdown fat that is stored in adipose tissue (in the belly area). Some sources suggest that if you combine taking rhodiola extract with doing moderate exercise, the breakdown of belly fat increases even more.
2. Increases Energy and Athletic PerformanceResearch implies that if you’re looking for a natural way to boost energy and increase athletic performance, then rhodiola rosea bulk powder may be for you. Today, one of the most popular uses of rhodiola is for increasing energy, stamina and strength.
Rhodiola may help increase your stamina and endurance by increasing your red blood cell count and lowering oxidative damage. Red blood cells (RBC) carry oxygen to muscles, and having a higher count can dramatically improve an athlete’s performance and help to delay fatigue. Rhodiola benefits work by boosting EPO, also known as erythropoietin, which stimulates RBC production.
According to a study published in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism in 2004, rhodiola has anti-inflammatory benefits that aid rapid recovery of muscles and improve endurance. Another study performed on rats found that supplementing with rhodiola could increase endurance by allowing the animals to swim 25 percent longer. The improvements happened because rhodiola was found to increase synthesis of ATP, which is essential for cellular energy.3. May Help Fight Physical & Mental Fatigue
You don’t have to be an athlete to experience the benefits of rhodiola powder. Not only can it help reduce physical fatigue, but it may also decrease mental fatigue and symptoms like brain fog or lack of concentration. Rhodiola is also often used to help people overcome exhaustion from low-intensity, but frequent, exercise or movements. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, a business executive or a student, you’ll be happy to know that rhodiola rosea bulk powder has been shown to increase workplace performance and to help decrease the effects that sleep deprivation can have on your body.

According to author and naturopathic physician Tori Hudson, rhodiola can be prescribed to patients for several reasons, including helping to treat adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue, poor recovery from workouts and problems with physical/athletic performance.
A 2012 systematic review of 11 randomized, controlled trials that focused on rhodiola’s anti-fatigue effects found that “some evidence suggests that the herb may be helpful for enhancing physical performance and alleviating mental fatigue.” However, the researchers did point out that “methodological flaws limit accurate assessment of efficacy,” so further studies are needed.
4. Helps Lower CortisolOne of the main reasons people turn to adaptogenic herbs like rhodiola is to help balance cortisol levels, which can be beneficial for slowing age-related symptoms and for looking and feeling better. Rhodiola can be helpful for calming your body when your nervous system goes into “fight or flight” mode due to dealing everyday stressors.
When the hormone cortisol stays high for a long period of time, such as from emotional or physical stress, it can cause you to experience stress-related symptoms, such as:
lowered blood glucose responseabdominal weight gainthyroid issueshormone imbalancedecreased memoryweakened immunityBy keeping cortisol levels balanced, you can improve your health in multiple ways, especially when it comes to feeling younger and more energized. High cortisol levels over an extended period of time may contribute to accelerated signs of aging, higher levels of psychosocial stress, poorer cognitive performance, atrophy of memory-related structures of the brain, weight gain and exhaustion — exactly the reason why rhodiola makes such a helpful anti-aging supplement. (13)
5. Can Help Fight Depression and Improve Brain FunctionAnother amazing benefit of supplementing with rhodiola powder is that it’s been shown to help improve cognitive functioning and to help as a depression natural remedy.
Rhodiola Root Extract Application:
1. Applied in food fields, it is widely used as functional food additive;
2. Applied in health product field, it can be used as raw material in health food, the purpose is to enhance immunity and resist melancholy;
3. Applied in cosmetics fields, it is widely used to delay aging and compact skin;
4. Applied in pharmaceutical field, it is widely used to treat cardio-cerebrovascular disease.

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