Rhodiola Rosea Extract

Product Name:Rhodiola Rosea Extract

Specification:3% 1%;

Latin Name:Rhodiola rosea Linn.

Appearance: brown;

Test Method: HPLC TLC;

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What is Rhodiola Rosea Extract?Rhodiola is a plant. The root is used as medicine.Rhodiola is used for many conditions, but so far, there isn’t enough scientific evidence to determine whether or not it is effective for any of them.Rhodiola rosea extract is used for increasing energy, stamina, strength and mental capacity; and as a so-called “adaptogen” to help the body adapt to and resist physical, chemical, and environmental stress. It is also used for improving athletic performance, shortening recovery time after long workouts, improving sexual function; for depression; and for heart disorders such as irregular heartbeat and high cholesterol.Classified as an adaptogen, an herb that boosts your own ability to respond to stress, rhodiola rosea standardized extract is gaining awareness and popularity by complimentary medicine practitioners and herbalists in the West. When used in skincare products, it boosts microcirculation, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and protects skin from environmental stressors like UV rays.Basic Information:Product nameRhodiola Rosea ExtractLatin nameRhodiola rosea Linn.Part usedRootHarvest timeSpring and AutumnExtraction TypeSolvent ExtractionActive IngrdientsSalidroside, RosavinsCas No10338-51-9; 84954-92-7Molecular FormulaC14H20O7; C20H28O10Formula Weight300.304; 428.4303SynonymsSedum rosea (L.) Scop. Sedum /hodiola DC./Rhodiola arctica Boriss.,/hodiola iremelica Boriss./ Rhodiola scopolii Simonk./ Sedum scopolii Simonk./ Золотой Корень/ Solotoy KorenTest MethodHPLCFormula StructureSalidroxide
RosavinSpecifications10:1 Brown powderRosavins 1%-5% Brown powder
Salidroside 1%10% Brown powder
Rhodiola Rosea Extract Benefits:
1.Altitude sickness. Early research shows that taking rhodiola rosea extract four times per day for 7 days doesn’t improve blood oxygen or oxidative stress in people in high-altitude conditions.2.Heart damage caused by certain cancer drugs (anthracycline cardiotoxicity). Early research shows that taking a chemical found in rhodiola called salidroside, starting one week before chemotherapy and continuing throughout chemotherapy, reduces heart damage caused by the chemotherapy drug epirubicin.3.Anxiety. Early research shows that taking a specific rhodiola rosea extract twice daily for 14 days can improve anxiety levels and reduce feelings of anger, confusion, and poor mood in college students with anxiety.4.Athletic performance. There is conflicting evidence on the effectiveness of rhodiola rosea standardized extract for improving athletic performance. Overall, it seems that short-term use of some types of rhodiola products might improve measurements of athletic performance. However, neither short-term nor long-term doses seem to improve muscle function or reduce muscle damage due to exercise.5.Depression. Early research shows that taking rhodiola might improve symptoms of depression after 6-12 weeks of treatment in people with mild-to-moderate depression.6.Fatigue. Early research shows that rhodiola rosea standardized extract might decrease fatigue in stressful situations. A specific rhodiola extract seems to decrease fatigue and increase a sense of well-being in students taking exams, night-shift workers, and sleep-deprived military cadets. Other rhodiola extracts also seem to reduce mental fatigue in first-year college students and adults 7.experiencing burnout. There is conflicting evidence regarding a combination product containing rhodiola extract, schisandra berry extract, and Siberian ginseng extract. Some research shows it improves mental performance in tired individuals performing mental tasks. Other research shows it doesn’t work.8.A type of persistent anxiety marked by exaggerated worry and tension (generalized anxiety disorder or GAD). Early research shows that specific rhodiola extract might lower anxiety and depression in people with this condition.9.Early orgasm in men (premature ejaculation). Early research shows that taking a specific product containing rhodiola rosea extract with other ingredients might slightly increase how long it takes to ejaculate and improve a man’s control over ejaculation. But higher quality research is needed to confirm.10.Stress. Early research shows that taking a specific rhodiola extract before breakfast and lunch can improve stress symptoms in people with life-stress, college students with anxiety, and people experiencing burnout.Rhodiola Rosea Extract Application:
1. Applied in food fields, it is widely used as functional food additive;
2. Applied in health product field, it can be used as raw material in health food, the purpose is to enhance immunity and resist melancholy;
3. Applied in cosmetics fields, it is widely used to delay aging and compact skin;
4. Applied in pharmaceutical field, it is widely used to treat cardio-cerebrovascular disease.
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