Sea buckthorn freeze-dried powder

Sea buckthorn (Latin scientific name: Hippophae rhamnoides Linn.) It is a deciduous shrub that is drought-tolerant, wind-resistant and sand-resistant, and can survive on salinized land, so it is widely used for soil and water conservation. Sea buckthorn is cultivated in large quantities in northwest China for desert greening. The fruit of sea buckthorn is high in vitamin C content, known as vitamin C. Sea buckthorn is a collective term for plants and their fruits.

【Product Name】Sea buckthorn freeze-dried powder / Sea buckthorn whole jelly dry powder / Sea buckthorn fruit powder

【Latin name】Hippophae rhamnoides. L
【Appearance】 Loose and uniform subdivision (60 mesh), good fluidity; yellow or orange-yellow, with the inherent aroma and taste of sea buckthorn, no peculiar smell.
【Solubility】≥99% (this product)

【Aliases】Jujube, vinegar willow fruit

【Extraction site】 Fruit of hippophae rhamnoides Linn. of the perennial shrub or arbor plant Hippophae rhamnoides Linn
【Main ingredient】Sea buckthorn flavonoids
【Specification】Sea buckthorn fruit powder Sea buckthorn freeze-dried powder
【Appearance】Orange yellow powder
【Product properties】Orange yellow powder
【Processing method】Ultra-low temperature sublimation

【Raw material source】Sea buckthorn fruit

【Storage conditions】This product should be sealed and shaded, avoid high temperature, and stored in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place

【Small order】1KG

【Packing method】Large goods 25 kg / cardboard drum, small sample for 1KG / aluminum foil bag, generally according to the company’s internal label unified template.

【Mode of transportation】Express or logistics, domestic express delivery arrives within three days, logistics arrives within five days. Domestic shipping costs are generally included in the price quoted.
[Effective period] two years