Snow Mushroom Extract

1.Product Name: Tremella Fuciformis Powder

2. Active ingredient: Polysaccharides

3. Specification: 10% to 50% polysaccharide

4. Part Used : Whole herb

5. Appearance: Yellow brown to light yellow powder

6.Test Method: TLC/UV

7.Stock in USA Warehouse

8.Certifications: ISO,KOSHER,Halal,Organic

What is Snow Mushroom Extract?Snow mushroom extract has multiple times the hydrating force of Hyaluronic Acid. Also, it’s not something that has been found as of late. It’s been utilized for millennia by the old Chinese, who consistently had faith in the force of mushrooms. Tremella fuciformis is the logical name for the Snow Mushroom Extract.
What’s more, it has this name since it has a white, flocky shape, not as a similar ordinary “house” mushroom design we are accustomed to seeing. Other than the bountiful dietary realities that encompass Snow Mushroom Extract, normal specialists endorsing this characteristic wellspring of cancer prevention agents and protein began to see great outcomes on patients’ appearance.
After some examination, the magnificence business began to utilize the concentrate topically, and the outcomes were noteworthy. More investigations persuaded an overly qualified group of dermatologists to begin utilizing the Snow Mushroom Extract in their patients and more certain outcomes appeared. At that point these days, there are in excess of 50 Chinese licenses under this little snow growth in a wide assortment of items. That incorporate pills for chemotherapy, circulatory issues, and corrective application.Basic Information:Product nameSnow Mushroom PowderLatin nameTremella fuciformisPlace of OriginSichuan, Zhejiang, Fujian, Hubei, ChinaPart usedSeedExtraction TypeSolvent ExtractionActive IngrdientsPolysaccharidesSynonymsWhite fungus, white fungus, white fungusTest MethodUVSpecificationsPolysaccharides 30%, 50%, 10:1 Brown yellow powderApplicationMedicine, food additivesSnow Mushroom Extract Benefits:It Provides Stellar HydrationSnow mushroom has been compared to hyaluronic acid, a popular beauty ingredient that’s best known for improving the skin’s ability to retain moisture. The snow fungus contains an enzyme that does just that — except it actually does a better job than its chemical counterpart. The mushroom also penetrates the skin easier because its particles are smaller than those in hyaluronic acid. Add in the fact that mushrooms are all natural — a major plus these days as many people make the switch to chemical-free products — and you’ve got one in-demand ingredient on your hands (er, face).
It Enhances Skin ElasticityBecause snow fungus provides extra hydration to the skin, it helps keep wrinkles at bay. By encouraging your skin to retain as much moisture as possible, it ends up smoothing the skin’s surface and making you look younger. This increased elasticity is likely what makes snow mushroom so popular right now. Hydration is great, but the anti-aging effect of the ingredient is what will give it staying power in the beauty business — and in savvy people’s medicine cabinets.
It Reduces InflammationFor those with more sensitive skin, snow mushroom is really a life-saver. Because it naturally breaks down harmful free radicals in the skin and reduces inflammation, it can improve your overall complexion. It also doesn’t typically cause skin reactions, making it more mild than some of the harsher chemicals often found in traditional beauty products.
It Lightens and Brightens SkinOne study highlighted snow mushroom as a substance that can inhibit melanin, meaning that snow mushroom could be used to lighten or brighten skin. (This can be particularly useful if you have acne scars or darker patches on your face). While other ingredients, like vitamin C, are also known to have the same effect, the research showed that snow mushroom may be more effective.
It Potentially Heals WoundsFinally, snow mushroom powder has the power to stimulate cell growth, which allows the substance to help with wound healing. Because it also has a high vitamin D quotient, another factor that aids in alleviating skin abrasions, the mushroom would be super useful for subduing stubborn blemishes, or ones you might have popped or picked at. Using this super beauty ingredient may help smooth and soothe the irritation and help it go away faster.Application:
1.Used as a nerve tonic and a skin tonic for healthy complexions. It helps relieve chronic tracheitis and other cough syndromes.2.Used in the medical field for cancer prevention and immune system enhancement3.Care products as a good waterbinding agent. Tremella Mushroom’s water holding capacity is more than hyaluronic acid.
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Where to buy Snow Mushroom Extract?
The best quality tremella is carefully prepared without the use of excess heat and chemicals. Always choose a product which is natural and pure and has no added fillers or preservatives. A concentrated extract provides a powerful way to get a larger dose of tremella’s nutrients in each dose. We offer a 10:1 concentrated extract powder which is ten times more powerful than the raw root. Tremella mushroom powder should be kept in airtight packing and stored in a dry, dark and cool place.

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