Sophora Japonica Extract

Product Name:Sophora Japonica Extract

Specification: 95% HPLC

Appearance: Yellow fine powder

Molecular Formula:C15H10O

Molecular Weight: 302.23

CAS Registry Number: 117-39-5

Certifications: ISO,KOSHER,Halal,Organic;

Packing :25kgs/drum or 1kg/bag;

Stock in LA USA warehouse;

What is Sophora Japonica Extract?Sophora japonica, otherwise called Huai Mi or Huai Hua , is palatable and frequently utilized as a Chinese spice to quit dying. The blossoms of sophora japonica can be utilized as yellow color, seeds as mechanical oil, organic products as a wellspring of quercetin, sophorose and rutin drugs. The dynamic fixing in sophora japonica separate is rutin and quercetin.
Sophora japonica extract likewise called rutoside, quercetin-3-O rutinoside and sophorin, is the glycoside between the flavonol quercetin and the disaccharide rutinose, is common citrus bioflavonoid, is removed from the dry buds of sophora japonica L.
Sophora japonica extract is a dull, yellow or greenish yellow glasslike powder that gets plastic when warmed somewhere in the range of 185°C and 192°C and unsettled at 215°C.
Rutin is basically insoluble in water while solvent in methanol and ethanol. It is a normally happening color. Rutin is delegated nutrient p which builds the strength of the dividers of the blood vessels and manages their porousness. Others delegated nutrient p are catechin, citrin, eriodictin, hesperetin, hesperidin, nobiletin, quercetin,sinensetin, and tangeretin.

Basic Information:General Information

Product NameSophora Japonica ExtractPart UsedSophora Japonica BudItemSpecificationMethodResultPhysical Property

AppearanceGreen Yellow PowderOrganolepticConformsLoss on Drying≤3.0%HB43-S Moisture Meter2.80%Ignition Ash≤2.0%USP37<561>1.30%Mesh Size98% Through 80 MeshOrganolepticConformsContaminants

Mercury(Hg)≤0.1mg/KgAtomic AbsorptionConformsLead(Pb)≤3.0 mg/KgAtomic AbsorptionConformsArsenic(As)≤2.0 mg/KgAtomic AbsorptionConformsCadmimum(Cd)≤1.0 mg/KgAtomic AbsorptionConformsMicrobiological

Total Plate Count≤1000cfu/gUSP30<61>ConformsYeast&Mold≤500cfu/gUSP30<61>ConformsE.ColiNegativeUSP30<62>ConformsSalmonellaNegativeUSP30<62>ConformsShelf Life24 Months under the conditions below,no antioxidant used

PackageStandard packed in fiber-drum and two plastic bags inside. Net weight: 25kg. Dimension: I.D.35*H51cm.

StorageStore in a cool,dry place away from Moisture,Light,Oxygen

Sophora Japonica Extract Benefits:

As the Sophora Japonica flowers extract is a source of antioxidants it is useful for fighting free radicals. Its high mineral, amino acid and flavonoid content helps to nourish the skin and stimulates its regeneration so preventing wrinkles.The cosmetics industry has been showing a growing interest in Sophora Japonica extract since it was discovered that the extract of the tree’s flowers has anti-irritant, antioxidant and anti-ageing properties.When analysing the traditional pharmaceutical preparations containing this herb, the anti-ageing properties were discovered. The cosmetics industry has therefore started to introduce them into skin care products. For the same reasons, there has recently been a growing interest in the use of formulations based on Sophora Japonica leaves.
As Sophora Japonica flower extract is a source of antioxidants it is useful for fighting free radicals. Its high mineral, amino acid and flavonoid content helps to nourish the skin and stimulates its regeneration so preventing wrinkles.
In medicine, the high sophorin and tannin content make it an invaluable as a hypotensive agent.
The main bioactive constituents of the extract of sophora Japonica flowers extract are the flavonoids. Rutin and sophorose form another significant compound with high bioactivity, which can cure many inflammatory conditions. In addition, it also possesses astringent and antioxidant properties.
Research has shown that extracts of the fruit of the Pagoda tree help the blood to clot. In addition, the ethanol extract made from the flower buds has a powerful antibacterial action against many strains harmful to humans.
1.Sophora japonica extract may expel phlegm and arrest coughing, it can also be used as anti-asthmatic.2. It has anticancer activity, inhibits PI3-kinase activity and slightly inhibits PIP Kinase activity, reduces cancer cell growth via type II estrogen receptors.3. It may inhibit histamine release from basophils and mast cells.4. It may control the spread of certain viruses within the body.5. It may help reduce tissue destruction.6. It may also be beneficial in the treatment of dysentery, gout, and psoriasis.
Sophora Japonica Extract Application:1. Sophora Japonica Extract Pharmaceutical industry: Some medicine with bromelain like throat tablet can diminish inflammation, facilitate digestion and improve immunological competence.So it can be applied in examination, treatment of gynecopathy, glaucoma and inset bitten.
2. Sophora Japonica Extract Food Industry: It can be applied in hydrolyzing protein of plants and animals, so it can be used in the meat tenderizer,wine clarifier,stabilizer of noodle,health foods and soy sauce brewing etc. It can also improve the nutritional value.

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