Soybean Powder

Product Name:Soybean Powder

Latin Name: Glycine max(L.) Merr;

Specification Ratio: Isoflavones, 20%~40%;

Appearance: Light yellow powder;

Test Method: HPLC;

Main Function: inhibit tumors, Phytoestrogens, Prevention of cardiovascular;

What is Soybean Powder?Soybean powder for use as raw materials for dietary supplements, beverages and health care products. Through the production process with standard quality ISO / GMP / HACPP / HALAL Rich in natural properties, such as helping slow down aging, strengthening the muscles, nourishing the skin and repairing damaged cells.Soy protein powder is a plant protein that is very popular among people who want to lose weight, build muscle, such as athletes. Consisting of at least 90% high protein components, minerals and fiber that are important to the body. Qualified to help build muscles. Create enzymes and hormones that are important for various processes within the body. Help repair the damaged cells.Basic Information:Product NameSoybean Phosphatidylserine 50%
ManufacturerShaanxi Undersun
Batch No.SH170325
MFG. Date2017.03.25
EXP. Date2019.03.24
IdentificationsQuality specificationsResultsCharacterLight yellow or brown yellow powderConformOdorCharacterisiticConformMoisture (K.F.)≤ 3%ConformPhosphatidylserine (PS)≥ 50.0%63.7Peroxide Value≤ 12 meq/kgConformHeavy Metal≤ 1 ppmConformLead≤ 0.1 ppmConformArsenic≤ 0.1 ppmConformMercury≤ 0.1 ppmConformMicrobia Contamination

Total plate count< 1000 CFU/g220 CFU/gSoybean Powder Benefits:Soybean powder are high in protein and a decent source of both carbs and fat. They are a rich source of various vitamins, minerals, and beneficial plant compounds, such as isoflavones. For this reason, regular soybean protein powder intake may alleviate the symptoms of menopause and reduce your risk of prostate and breast cancer.1.May reduce cancer riskCancer is one of the leading causes of death in modern society.Eating soy products is linked to increased breast tissue in women, hypothetically increasing the risk of breast cancer.However, most observational studies indicate that consumption of soy products may reduce breast cancer risk. Studies also indicate a protective effect against prostate cancer in men.A number of soybean compounds — including isoflavones and lunasin — may be responsible for the potential cancer-preventive effects. Exposure to isoflavones early in life may be particularly protective against breast cancer later in life.Keep in mind that this evidence is limited to observational studies, which indicate an association between soy consumption and cancer prevention — but do not prove causation. 2.Alleviation of menopause symptomsMenopause is the period in a woman's life when menstruation stops. It is often associated with unpleasant symptoms — such as sweating, hot flashes, and mood swings — which are brought about by a reduction in estrogen levels. Interestingly, Asian women — especially Japanese women — are less likely to experience menopause symptoms than Western women.Dietary habits, such as the higher consumption of soy foods in Asia, may explain this difference. Studies indicate that isoflavones, a family of phytoestrogens found in soybean powder, may alleviate these symptoms.Soybean powder do not affect all women in this way. Soy only seems to be effective in so-called equol producers — those who possess a type of gut bacteria able to convert isoflavones into equol. Equol may be responsible for many of soy’s health benefits.Daily intake of 135 mg of isoflavones for 1 week — equivalent to 2.4 ounces (68 grams) of soybean protein powder per day — reduced menopausal symptoms only in equol producers.While hormonal therapies have traditionally been used as a treatment for menopausal symptoms, isoflavone supplements are widely used today.3.Bone healthOsteoporosis is characterized by reduced bone density and an increased risk of fractures, especially in older women.Consumption of soybean protein powder may reduce the risk of osteoporosis in women who have undergone menopause.These beneficial effects seem to be caused by isoflavones. SUMMARYSoybean powder contain plant compounds that may help prevent breast and prostate cancer. What's more, these legumes may relieve menopause symptoms and cut the risk of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women.Soybean Powder Application:1. Food for dairy products, meat products, baking products, flour food, seasoning food etc.2. Health food, medicine, fillers, pharmaceutical raw materials etc.3. Industrial manufacturing: petroleum industry, manufacturing, agricultural products, batteries, precision castings, etc.4. Tobacco products: flavoring, antifreeze moisturizing agent can replace glycerol for tobacco.5. Cosmetics: facial cleanser, beauty cream, make-up water, shampoo, facial mask, etc.6. Feed: pet food, animal feed, aquatic feed, vitamin feed, veterinary products, etc. Contact us:Phone:+16263716327Email: Hot Tags: soybean powder,soybean protein powder,soybean powder suppliers,suppliers, manufacturers, factory, wholesale, buy, price, quotation, bulk, for sale