Spinach Extract

Product Name:Spinach Extract

Latin Name: Spinacia oleracea L;

Specification Ratio: 100% through 80 mesh;

Part Used: Leaf;

Appearance: Yellow-green powder;

Test Method: TLC;

Main Function Blood to stop bleeding, benefit the five internal organs, blood circulation, thirst;

What is Spinach Extract?Spinach extract is a weight loss supplement manufactured from spinach leaves. The manufacturing process turns the spinach leaves into a vibrant green powder (like Matcha green tea powder) that can then be mixed into smoothies, protein shakes, or simply just with water. As demand has increased for these powered superfood you can now also find spinach extract gnc sold in other forms such as snack-bars and even spinach extract capsules.
Spinach extract is fresh spinach as raw material, cleaned and packed into cans, 6 cubic cans can hold 2000 kg, 10 times the amount of water is boiled and extracted three times, the extracts are combined, the evaporated water is concentrated, and the extract is spray dried to specific gravity d=1.10. The spinach extract powder is obtained, crushed by a pulverizer, sieved through a 100 mesh sieve, mixed, and packaged to obtain the finished product. Spinach extract powder gnc contains large amounts of beta carotene and iron, and is also an excellent source of vitamin B6, folic acid, iron and potassium.
The spinach extract powder is made up of concentrated spinach leaf thylakoids. What are thylakoids? I hear you ask. They are microscopic structures found inside the chloroplasts of all green plant cells and are found in abundance on green leafy greens like spinach.Spinach extract capsules as a food supplement instead of prescribing them with blood pressure medications because the extract doesn’t negatively effect the liver or kidneys like most medications can.
Quality data

IdentificationStandardizationAspectyellow brown fine powderOdor & tasteCharacteristicParticle sizeNLT 95% through 80 meshesLoss on drying5.0% max.Sulphated ash5.0% max.Heavy metals20ppm max.Pb2ppmAs2ppm
Microbiological dataTotal aerobic countNot more than 1000cfu/gramYeast & MoldNot more than 100cfu/gramE. ColiAbsence in 10gSalmonellaAbsence in 10gAddition dataSterilizationHigh temperature and pressStorageStore in a cool dry place, avoiding sunlight directlyShelf lifeTwo years when sealed wellPackagingFood grade multiplayer polyethylene bags, 25kg in one type cardboard drum

Spinach Extract Benefits:Blood to stop bleeding, benefit the five internal organs, blood circulation, thirst and invigorate the intestines, nourish Yin and calm the liver, help digestion. Indications for high blood pressure, headache, dizziness, red eyes, diabetes, constipation and other diseases.1. Spinach extract gnc can cure astriction and prevent saint fiacre’s disease. Spinach contains plenty of vegetable fiber. It can promote intestinal tract peristalsis and good to defecation; It also can promote pancreas to excrete to help digest. It can be used to cure saint fiacre’s disease, chronic pancreatitis, astriction and anal cleft etc.
2. It can promote growing development and enhance disease resistance. The carotene can become to be vitamin A in the body and maintain the health of the eyes and epithelium.3. can Guarantee nourishments to improve body health. It contains lots of nourishments such as carotene, vitamin C & E calcium, phosphor, coenzyme Q10 etc. The Fe contained by spinach can help to cure Fe-lack anaemia.4. Spinach extract gnc can Promote metabolism and anti-aging.5. It can be Skin cleaning and anti-aging.
Spinach Extract Uses:1. Spinach extract gnc can be applied in Pharmaceutical health care products;2. It can be applied in food field, it is mainly used as natural food additives for pigment;3. Spinach extract powder gnc can be applied as a daily-use chemical raw material, it is used in green toothpaste and cosmetics;4. It can be applied as the medicine of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant drug, it is widely used in the fields of medicine and health products.
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