Star Anise Powder

Product Name:Star Anise Powder

Latin Name: Fructus Anisi Stellati;

Specification Ratio: 5 : 1, 10 : 1, 20 : 1;

Part Used: Fruit;

Appearance: Brown powder;

Test Method: TLC;

Main Function: For cold and abdominal pain, kidney deficiency, low back pain, stomach cold vomiting;

What is Star Anise Powder?Star anise powder is a brownish-yellow powder material extracted from the Magnoliaceae plant Star Anise. The main components are volatile oil and fatty oil. Star anise, also known as ship anise, star anise, star anise, aniseed. Its nature and flavor are pungent and warm. It has the effects of warming yang and dispelling cold, regulating qi and relieving pain. It is used to treat cold hernia, abdominal pain, kidney deficiency, low back pain, stomach cold and vomiting, cold pain in the abdominal abdomen, cold pain in the waist and knees, cold damp beriberi and other diseases.Star anise is the fruit of a small tree indigenous to China. It is highly aromatic and has a strong taste suggestive of licorice. Anise star pods are often added to warming beverages like chai, mulled wines, and liqueurs. It is also an integral ingredient in the Vietnamese broth called pho and the traditional Chinese five spice blend. Our star anise powder is milled from organic Illicium verum fruits. The powder can be dashed into baking recipes and culinary dishes, or used to make liquid extracts, herbal syrups, and homemade mouthwash.

Our star anise powder features an intoxicating scent that induces hunger in the kitchen and lust in the bedroom.Our star anise powder contains the essential oil, anethole, which gives both anise and star anise their licorice flavor (the two, however, are not related in any way).
The flavor of this ground star anise is fresh, muscular, floral, and penetrating.Ground star anise is a main ingredient in Chinese Five-Spice powder and Vietnamese pho. It’s also part of the Port Royal flavor profile – a mixture of chocolate, grapefruit, and star anise. Use this star anise powder as a rub ingredient for roast pork or beef.Basic Information:Certificate of Analysis

ItemSpecificationResultAssay10:110:1AppearanceBrown yellow PowderconformsOdorCharacteristicconformsTasteCharacteristicconformsParticle SizeNLT 100% Through 80 meshconformsLoss on Drying<2.0%0.47%Heavy metals

Total Heavy Metals≤10ppmconformsArsenic≤3ppmconformsLead≤3ppmconformsMicrobiological Tests

Total Plate Count≤1000cfu/gconformsTotal Yeast & Mold≤100cfu/gconformsE.ColiNegativeNegativeSalmonellaNegativeNegativeStar Anise Powder Benefits:1. It can be inhibition of platelet aggregation, inhibition of vein thrombosis and cerebral thrombosis;2. It has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects;
3. It can be anti-bacterial, anti-tumor.
Star Anise Powder Uses:1. Its multiple pharmacological effect, it aslo be used as health-care medicine;2. Applied in food field, as raw materials of food products appeared on the market.

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