Strawberry fruit powder

【Product name】 Strawberry fruit powder
【Product properties】 Strawberry powder is a pink fine powder
【Product Introduction】 It is made of fresh strawberry fruit spray drying, without adding preservatives, pigments, flavors, etc., the product is safe and reliable.
【Physical and chemical indicators】 Solubility: soluble in water

Mesh: 80 mesh (to meet the normal needs of tablet pressing and punching)
Bulk density: 0.40-0.70g/ml
Drying weight loss: ≤5.00%
Ash: ≤5.00%
Total number of colonies: <1000CFU/g
Yeast and mold: < 100 CFU/g
E. coli: not detectable
Salmonella: Not detectable
【Packing specification】 Standard packaging: 25kg/cardboard drum; bulk: 1kg/bag
【Storage conditions】 Airtight, cool, moisture-proof, and protect from light
【Effective period】 24 months
【Product Application】 Beverage preparation, tableting candy, meal replacement powder, baking and coloring, etc
【Product properties】 Raw materials in large quantities, one-time production, stable and reliable quality;
The use of advanced spray drying process, a good retention of plant nutrients and taste;
Good solubility, low moisture content, capacity transportation and storage;
The powder particles are small, good fluidity, delicate and uniform, and not easy to layer