Theobromine Powder

Product Name:Bulk Cocoa Powder

Latin Name:Theobroma cacao L.

Plant Origin and Distribution:Sterculiaceae cacao plants of the genus cocoa Theobroma cacao L.

Active Ingredient:Theobromine

Specification Available: Theobromine10-20% HPLC

Appearance:Light Brown Fine powder

M.F.: C7H8N4O2

M.W.: 180.16

What is Theobromine Powder?Theobromine powder is a stimulant alkaloid related to caffeine that is found naturally in dark chocolate and raw cacao beans/ cacao powder. Theobromine also occurs in tea, kola nuts (cola acuminata) and a number of other plants. But cacao beans are generally regarded as the primary natural source.
Theobromine was first isolated from cacao beans in the late 1800?s, and it was later synthesized from xanthine. Theobromine is used for many of the same purposes as caffeine but does not directly stimulate the central nervous system. It is described by many as a milder stimulant but with more mood lifting properties. Theobromine also contains an additional methyl group in its structure that causes it to last longer than caffeine. Theobromine has become a popular ingredient in certain fat burning diet pills, along with PEA (phenylethylamine), another ingredient found in chocolate.Basic Information:Product nameTheobromine PowderLatin nameTheobroma cacao L.Place of OriginHainan, China, Malaysia, BrazilPart usedSeedExtraction TypeSolvent ExtractionActive IngrdientsTheobromineCas No83-67-0Molecular FormulaC7H8N4O2Formula Weight180.16SynonymsCocoa ExtractTest MethodHPLCFormula StructureSpecifications&colors5%, 10%, 20%, 35%, Brown powder98%, White powder
ApplicationMedicine, food additivesTheobromine Powder Benefits:As relatively stable compound, theobromine may play a crucial role in some beneficial effects attributed to caffeine. Theobromine is useful in asthma and in other respiratory tract problems such as cough for which no definitive drug has been developed.1.Healthy Heart Research suggests theobromine powder may help protect the heart in several ways. For starters, it naturally lowers blood pressure. This, in turn, decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease. There’s also some evidence theobromine may reduce “bad” cholesterol and improve “good” cholesterol. Additionally, the substance may improve blood flow throughout the body, further supporting the heart.2.Increased Energy
As noted above, theobromine is quite similar in structure to caffeine; so it may not come as a surprise that theobromine in cocoa powder is a known stimulant. This means consuming theobromine may result in both a physical and mental energy boost. Theobromine differs from caffeine, however, in that its stimulant effects are likely to be milder and longer-lasting.3.Improved Cognitive Function (at least temporarily)
Because theobromine functions as a stimulant, it may provide a short-term boost in brain function. This is likely because it encourages blood flow to the brain, which may help people feel more mentally alert and focused after having a chocolatey snack.4.Healthy Teeth
Preliminary research suggests theobromine powder may help strengthen the teeth by protecting tooth enamel from erosion. In the process, theobromine may help defend against the tooth decay that causes cavities. Even more impressive? Theobromine may be a more potent cavity fighter than fluoride, the teeth-strengthening chemical found in the vast majority of toothpastes and mouthwashes.5.Good Mood
Research in this area is mixed, but there’s some evidence the consumption of cocoa powder theobromine may result in a mood boost in the form of greater relaxation and a more positive affect. While more research is needed, we think most people would agree that eating high-quality chocolate is liable to put a smile on their face!6.Cough Suppressant
While it’s tempting to reach for the cough syrup when you feel the sniffles coming on, you might be better off eating some chocolate instead. Some research suggests theobromine may act as a cough suppressant. There’s even evidence theobromine is more effective than codeine when it comes to soothing a nasty cough.7.Healthy Respiratory System
Evidence suggests theobromine in cocoa powder may widen the body’s airways and relax smooth muscle tissue throughout the body, including the smooth muscle tissue found in the lungs. This, in turn, increases airflow to the lungs—which helps explain both why theobromine may be an effective cough suppressant (as noted above) and why theobromine may be useful in the management of asthma and other respiratory conditions.8.Reduced Inflammation
As demonstrated by the benefits described above, there’s strong evidence to suggest cocoa powder theobromine may be a potent anti-inflammatory. This is largely because the substance has antioxidant capacities, which helps reduce oxidative stress down to the cellular level.
Theobromine Powder Applications :1. In food field, cocoa powder theobromine is mainly used for drinks, manufacturing chocolate, candy, pastry, ice cream;
2. In health product field, it is used to lose weight. And it is popular among women;3. In pharmaceutical field, it can be used as cough medicine.
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