CAS no. : 111988-49-9
Molecular formula: C10H9ClN4S
Molecular weight: 252.72


New type of imitation of biological pesticide

As a new biological pesticide, thiamethoxam moiety with high-efficiency, safe environmental protection, will have little impact on the environment, trees and the fruit characteristics such as: 1, safe for human, thiamethoxam moiety of the pine sawyer brown have high insecticidal activity, but its very low toxicity, has the very high security for human, chemicals and no odor or irritating, to administer operator safety and administer area residents. 2, the environmental safety: because of its effective components of steam down, will not pollute the air. Because of the short half-life, thiamethoxam Lin quickly after the residual mass into the soil and water decomposition, little impact on the environment. 3, for security: Chemicalbook aquatic organisms for fish and other aquatic toxicity is low, usually has no effect on aquatic organisms are basically. 4, safety of beneficial insects: thiamethoxam moiety of beneficial insects are very small, and the influence of especially for bees is safe, in flowering trees and crops can also be used. 5, microcapsule slow-release technology greatly extended the potion effect. Used in rainy conditions, sustainable control about 40 days; Under the condition of little rain, can be as long as 90 days. It will greatly reduce the frequency and applying pesticide dose, make different insect pest can be control, and greatly reduces the cost of prevention and cure.

Broad spectrum and systemic new neonicotinoid insecticides, has good killing effect on sucking mouthparts pests. ACTS on the nicotinic acid acetylcholine receptors, and the method for organophosphorus, carbamate, strain conventional insecticide resistance of interaction, can be used for resistance management. To cotton, vegetables, potatoes and pome class of important pests on fruit has excellent control effect. In addition, effective aphids and whitefly of various beetles (such as potato beetles, apple Chemicalbook fruit like armour, rice like armour) and lepidoptera pests (such as the apple tree leaf moth and apple moth) is effective, can be used for the corresponding crops. According to different crops, pests, use way, the recommended dosage of active ingredients for 48 ~ 180 g/hm2 do spraying on the leaf, the active ingredients have recommended 20 ~ 60 g/hm2.

Mainly used in rice, fruits, vegetables, cotton control most of the insect pests.

Melting point of 128-129 °
The boiling point of 423.1 + / – 55.0 ° C (Predicted)
1.42 + / – 0.1 g/cm3 density (PChemicalbookredicted)
Storage conditions – 20 ° C
Acidity coefficient (pKa) 0.01 + / – 0.10 (Predicted)
Form neat
111988-49-9(CAS DataBase Reference)
Thiacloprid (111988-49-9)