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What is Thyme Extract?Thyme is an herb. The flowers, leaves, and oil are used as medicine. Thyme is sometimes used in combination with other herbs.
Thyme extract is used for swelling (inflammation) of the main airways in the lung (bronchitis), cough, patchy hair loss (alopecia areata), stomach problems, and many other conditions. But there is no good scientific evidence to support its use for any condition.
In foods, thyme is used as a flavoring agent.In manufacturing, red thyme oil is used in perfumes. It is also used in soaps, cosmetics, and toothpastes.Basic Information:
ItemThyme ExtractActive ingredientsThymolSpecification4:1; 8:1; 10:1PartLeafAppearanceBrown PowderTest methodTLCDescriptionThyme Extract (also known as 2-isopropyl-5-methylphenol,IPMP) is a natural monoterpene phenol derivative of cymene, C10H14O, isomericwith carvacrol, found in oil of thyme, and extracted from Thymus vulgaris(common thyme) and various other kinds of plants as a white crystallinesubstance of a pleasant aromatic odor and strong antiseptic properties. Thymolalso provides the distinctive, strong flavor of the culinary herb thyme, alsoproduced from T. vulgaris.Shelf life2 years when properly storedStorageStored in a clean,cool,dry area; keep away from strong, direct light.Thyme Extract Benefits:
1.Thyme to lower blood pressureThymus linearis Benth. is a species of thyme found in Pakistan and Afghanistan.A study found that an thyme extract was able to significantly reduce heart rate in rats with high blood pressure, and it was also able to lower their cholesterol.One sure way to use thyme to help lower your heart rate is to substitute it for salt in your foods.2.Thyme to stop coughing
thyme extract, which is obtained from its leaves, is often used as a natural cough remedy. In one studyTrusted Source, a combination of thyme and ivy leaves helped to alleviate coughing and other symptoms of acute bronchitis.Next time you’re faced with a cough or sore throat, try drinking some thyme tea.3.Thyme to boost your immunityGetting all the vitamins your body needs every day can be challenging. Luckily, thyme is packed with vitamin C and is also a good source of vitamin A. If you feel a cold coming on, thyme can help get you back in good health.4.Thyme to disinfect
Mold is a common yet potentially dangerous air pollutant that can lurk in your home. Once you identify it, take the necessary steps to get rid of it once and for all. Thyme oil may be the answer for low mold concentrations.Essential oil of thyme and thymol hold many fungicidal properties. Research Trusted Sourcesuggests that it can be used as a disinfectant in dwellings where there is a low concentration of mold.
5.Thyme to get rid of pests
Thymol is also an ingredient in many pesticides — both outdoor and indoor — and is commonly used to target bacteria and viruses, as well as rats, mice, and other animal pests.A recent study shows that thyme extract can repel mosquitoes, but growing it in your garden isn’t enough. In order to get the best pest fighting results, rub thyme leaves between your hands to release the essential oil.You can also make homemade repellant by mixing four drops of thyme oil to every teaspoon of olive oil, or mixing five drops for every 2 ounces of water.6.Thyme for good smells
Organic and natural skin care products can now be found at most retailers, and many contain thyme extract.Thanks to its antiseptic and antifungal properties, it is a common ingredient in mouthwash. Thyme is also a popular ingredient in natural deodorants and is often included in potpourri.7.Thyme to boost your mood
Thyme extract is often used for aromatic and therapeutic purposes because of its active substance carvacrol.In a 2013 study, carvacrol was shown to affect neuron activity in ways that boosted the subjects’ feelings of well-being.So if you use thyme or thyme oil regularly, it might have a positive effect on your feelings and mood.8.Thyme for some good food
Thyme extract powder is a wonderful ingredient that’s used in cuisines around the world, particularly in France, Italy, and across the Mediterranean.Thyme is a main ingredient in this cleansing take on pesto sauce, which you can use as a condiment or add to pasta or rice.Fresh leaves or whole sprigs can be used while preparing meat or poultry. Thyme is also an excellent ingredient to use with fish, like in this heart-healthy white fish recipe.This whole-wheat macaroni and cheese with mushrooms and thyme is a grownup spin on a childhood favorite, and it’s a great way to add some thyme to your diet.
Thyme Extract Dosage
Studies are lacking to guide clinical applications. Tinctures and the essential oil are used topically for fungal infections. Thyme infusions have been used as a gargle at 5% concentrations.The pharmacokinetics of thymol in healthy adults have been evaluated. No free thymol was found in the blood or urine, with sulfate and glucuronide metabolites identified in the urine. A mean terminal elimination half-life was estimated to be 10 hours.

Thyme Extract Applications:1.alleviate the common cold, sore throat and phlegm sterilization;2.prevent allergic rhinitis; alleviate fatigue;3.improve neurological diseases, anemia, low blood pressure, shoulder pain and hay fever.

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