Tongkat Ali Root Powder

Product Name: Tongkat Ali Root Powder

Latin Name: Eurycoma longifolia

Actitive Ingredients: Eurycomanone

Botanic Name :Eurycoma Longifolia Jack

Plant Part: Tongkat Ali Root

Specification:Eurycomanone 1%, 2%; 100:1, 200:1

Test Methods: TLC

Appearance: brown yellow fine powder

Mesh Size: 100% pass 80 mesh

Certifications: ISO,KOSHER,Halal,Organic;

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What is Tongkat Ali Root Powder?Also known as, “Malaysian Ginseng” and Ali’s walking stick, Tongkat Ali has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years. Indigenous to the Malaysian rainforest, shamans have used this root as a folk remedy for wounds, due to its’ ability to support healthy tissue growth. This amazing root is one of the most labor intensive roots to harvest due to its’ dense woody nature.
People of Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand have used the Tongkat Ali Root Powder (longjack) to support healthy vitality levels; as the powder of this root is still widely used in these countries today. This is a sought after root for athletes and bodybuilders due to its ability to possibly support healthy metabolic functions.
Tongkat Ali also supports healthy lipids levels in the blood, acting to support levels of high density lipoproteins and good cholesterol (HDL Cholesterol). Tongkat ali root extract powder may also be useful for supporting healthy glandular function, which naturally declines as we age. This could possibly assist with the healthy growth of hair, skin and nails.
Tongkat ali extract powder is classified by herbalists as an adaptogen and anabolic. It supports healthy male reproductive function and normal fertility, including sperm motility, semen production, libido, erectile function, normal testosterone levels and function. It also promotes muscle strength and stamina.Basic Information:
itemvalueTypeHerbal Extract
Tongkat AliFormPowderPartRootExtraction TypeSolvent ExtractionPackagingDRUMGradePharmaceutical GradeModel NumberBotanical ExtractColorBrown powderPackaging25kg/drumPartRootTest MethodHPLCLoss on Drying5%GradeAFormPowderProduct NameTongkat Ali Root ExtractMOQ1 KgTongkat Ali Root Benefits:
1.Male Sexual HealthTongkat ali root powder is a powerful herb that has been traditionally used for centuries as a remedy for age-related male disorders. Testosterone and other male hormones are known to decrease with age which can result in a condition known as “andropause” (also known as the male menopause). Symptoms can include lack of energy, a decrease in libido, increased body fat and mental lethargy.Many studies show that this root contains compounds that stimulate libido, promote sperm motility and semen quality and support muscle growth – all effects that are attributed to an increase in testosterone. The hormonal support provided by tongkat ali bulk powder can also increase male fertility by promoting normal sperm quality. This effect is backed up by a 2012 study of 76 men, only 35 percent of whom had normal testosterone levels. After one month of supplementation with Tongkat Ali, the number of men with normal testosterone levels had risen significantly to 90 percent.
A pleasant side effect of this increase in testosterone is a boost in sex drive, with it long being used in South East Asia as an aphrodisiac.
2.Female Sexual Health
Tongkat ali bulk powder’s main benefits for women come from its ability to balance hormones, with common symptoms of hormone imbalance including; low sex drive, brain fog, fatigue and slow metabolism. With hormones playing a significant role in metabolism, Tonkat Ali’s stabilising effect can help to maintain healthy metabolism, also preventing age-related weight gain.
When hormones are out of kilter this can play havoc with many bodily systems, especially in women – low energy levels being a common complaint along with fatigue. Tongkat Ali is a natural energy booster, with Asian communities using this herb for centuries for just this effect, alongside it being used to ramp up sex drive and boost testosterone levels (necessary for both male and female sexual health). It is also said to be helpful in increasing the sensitivity of women’s erogenous zones, further adding to its libido boosting qualities.
Another side-effect of low hormone levels (especially testosterone), is an increased risk of osteoporosis – common in women over a certain age. As long as levels of magnesium, calcium and vitamin D are normal, Tongkat Ali’s ablility to encourage serum levels of testosterone make this herb extremely useful for improving and maintaining superior bone health.

3.Athletic PerformanceA natural side effect of the increase in testosterone provided by Tongkat Ali Root Powder is that it can aid in the loss of body fat whilst boosting the ability to gain lean body mass. This will have an even greater effect if exercise is taken regularly.

A promising Malaysian study published in 2002 demonstrated that tongkat ali extract bulk powder had the potential to improve lean body mass. In this double blind study, 7 men were given 100 mgs of Tongkat Ali extract each day with the other 7 participants being given a placebo for a 5 week period. The men in the Tongkat Ali group experienced a 5% increase in their lean body mass and a significant reduction in body fat.Application:
1. Improve the human sexual function and rapid recovery of strength;
2. Enhance human fertility and improve male sperm production, improve spermactivity;
3. Repair and nourish human gonads and reproductive system, effect on the elimination of prostatitis symptoms;4. Prevent and cure the malaria, and has been proven to have great potential to treat cancer.

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