Tremella Fuciformis Sporocarp Extract

Product Name: Tremella Fuciformis Sporocarp Extract

Active ingredient: Tremella Polysaccharides

Specification: 10% to 50% polysaccharide

Part Used : Whole herb

Appearance: Yellow brown to light yellow powder

Test Method: TLC/UV

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What is Tremella Fuciformis Sporocarp Extract?Tremella Fuciformis Sporocarp Extract,also named White fungs is a kind of colloidal edible and medicinal fungus. It looks like comb or petals with the color pale yellow or yellow when dried.Tremella fuciform is crowned “The Top Mushroom”.in fungus. It is valuable nutrition and tonic. As a famous and medicinal fungi Tremella in ancient times is for food court.
A polysaccharide (a big sugar molecule) coming from the edible fruit bodies of the Silver Ear mushroom in China. Legend has it, imperial Concubine Yang Kuei-Fei – the most beautiful woman in Chinese history – used it for her facial care.
So Tremella Fuciformis Sporocarp Extract is a big molecule (more than 1M Da molecular weight) with sugar constituents of Mannose, Xylose, and Glucuronic acid (20%). The last one is the most important one, as Glucuronic acid is also a major component in hyaluronic acid (HA). Thanks to this, Tremella is claimed to be an awesome moisturizer with slightly greater water-holding capacities than HA itself. This is quite a big deal as HA is known for its crazy water-holding capacity (up to 1000 times its own weight).
The Tremella Fuciformis Sporocarp Extract is derived from the tremella fuciformis which is a species of fungus belonging to the Tremella Genus also known as the Silver Ear mushroom from China. The fungus is comprised of 5 sugar units and contains a polymer molecular structure. The fungi are often cultivated and used for cuisine and medicinal purposes. In the past, Yang Guifei a beauty legend of China was said to have used the mushroom to soften and smooth the skin.In skin care products, the ingredient has been found to help the skin retain moisture while preventing the breakdown of micro-blood vessels. As a result, Tremella Fuciformis Sporocarp Extract reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Basic Information:Product nameTremella Fuciformis Sporocarp ExtractLatin nameTremella fuciformisPlace of OriginShaanxi, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Fujian, Hubei, ChinaPart usedFruit bodyExtraction TypeSolvent ExtractionActive IngrdientsPolysaccharidesSynonymsWhite fungus, white fungus, white fungusTest MethodUVSpecificationsPolysaccharides 30%, 50% Brown yellow powder

Tremella Fuciformis Sporocarp Extract Benefits(tremella fuciformis health benefits):
Benefit 1: Hydrating Skin and Reducing WrinklesSome studies have shown that tremella fuciformis sporocarp extract acts very similar to hyaluronic acid by pulling moisture to the skin. In fact, tremella mushrooms might be even more beneficial than hyaluronic acid in helping moisturize the skin. It has been suggested that since the hydrating molecules of tremella are smaller than those of hyaluronic acid, the hydrating molecules of tremella are able to penetrate the skin faster and more effectively. This extra moisture from tremella can improve the texture and elasticity of your skin. No wonder these are called the beauty mushrooms!
Benefit 2: Tremella mushrooms are loaded with antioxidants Tremella fuciformis sporocarp extract are packed with polysaccharides which have been shown to have both anti-aging and antioxidant effects because of their ability to prevent cell damage that’s caused by free radicals. These antioxidants can benefit our health in several ways. One important mice study found that polysaccharides could improve antioxidant enzyme activities. This is important because antioxidant enzymes help to minimize the damaging effects of free radicals in our bodies.
Benefit 3: Reduces inflammationTremella fuciformis sporocarp extract’s powerful anti-inflammatory benefits have greater implications for their ability to fight off inflammatory diseases like heart disease, high cholesterol, and tumors. Additionally, tremella’s anti-inflammatory properties can positively impact other health problems that are caused by inflammation, including acne, respiratory illness, and headache, among many others.
Benefit 4: Tremella mushrooms can help you manage your cholesterolTremella fuciformis sporocarp extract have been shown to demonstrate beneficial cholesterol-lowering activity. In a four-week rat study in 1996, researchers found that rats with very high cholesterol who were on the tremella diet experienced a 31% decrease in LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and a 19% decrease in total cholesterol concentration. Additionally, eating tremella led to a significant decrease in triglyceride levels, which, at high concentrations, can indicate an elevated risk of stroke.
Benefit 5: Tremella mushrooms are high in Vitamin DAs discussed above, tremella fuciformis sporocarp extract are loaded with Vitamin D. Not only is this Vitamin essential in giving tremella their skin-boosting benefits, but Vitamin D has a lot of other important health benefits for the entire body. Vitamin D can help us maintain strong bones and teeth by aiding the absorption of calcium. Additionally, getting enough Vitamin D is essential to keeping our immune system and brains healthy. Vitamin D also helps regulate cell growth and can play a role in protecting us against cancer.
Benefit 6: Tremella mushrooms can support your immune systemYour immune system serves a critical role for your body – it’s your body’s defense against all infections and foreign substances that could harm you. In other words, your immune system keeps you healthy! As we age, the immune system, like many other functions in the body weakens over time and doesn’t perform as well. This leaves many of us more susceptible to getting sick and healing more slowly.
Benefit 7: Tremella mushrooms may have anti-cancer and anti-tumor effectsTremella mushrooms may also play a role in the prevention of cancer. This is partly due to their concentration of polysaccharides and their role in helping to support the immune system. The same Kaunus University of Medicine report on beta-glucans showed that these polysaccharides can inhibit tumor growth and prevent oncogenesis, which is the process by which healthy body cells become cancerous. Furthermore, beta-glucans are able to reduce tumor proliferation and prevent tumor metastasis. Indeed, a 2018 study conducted in China concluded that the polysaccharides in tremella mushrooms can help fight lung cancer cells. The mushroom’s polysaccharides inhibited apoptotic cell death and autophagy induced by lipopolysaccharides, which are found in certain lung cancer cells.

Tremella Fuciformis Sporocarp Extract Applications:
1.Tremella mushroom extract is used as a nerve tonic and a skin tonic for healthy complexions. It helps relieve chronic tracheitis and other cough syndromes.2.It is used in the medical field for cancer prevention and immune system enhancement3.Care products as a good waterbinding agent. Tremella Mushroom’s water holding capacity is more than hyaluronic acid.


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