Tremella Mushroom Powder

1.Product Name: Tremella Fuciformis Mushroom Powder

2. Active ingredient: Polysaccharides

3. Specification: 10% to 50% polysaccharide

4. Part Used : Whole herb

5. Appearance: Yellow brown to light yellow powder

6.Test Method: TLC/UV

7.Stock in USA Warehouse

8.Certifications: ISO,KOSHER,Halal,Organic

What is Tremella Mushroom Powder?Tremella is an edible fungus and has several other names like Jelly Mushroom, Silver Ear Mushroom and Snow Fungus. It’s the mushroom that really, surprises us all. It’s one of the, if the not THE, best mushie to introduce to that person in your life who is feeling the “…but I don’t like mushrooms, they taste weird…’ vibes. We absolutely love this medicinal mushroom for its ability to be eaten straight off the spoon. (Did I mention it’s delicious?)
Is tremella mushroom powder safe? Yes, this very gentle-acting medicinal mushroom has long been considered a beauty superfood. Used for centuries, a species of tremella (aka yellow butchers broom) was used in British folk lore for the treatment of chilblains. Another species (aka silver ears) was a favourite during the 16th century as a daily tonic for overall vigour and longevity. This mushroom is a powerhouse in its own right – it’s high in antioxidants and a potent anti-inflammatory. Plus it’s a prebiotic, a powerful demulcent (soothes the stomach), modulates the immune system AND supports healthy cholesterol profiles. Plus, did I mention how delicious it is?Basic Information:Product nameTremella Mushroom PowderLatin nameTremella fuciformisPlace of OriginSichuan, Zhejiang, Fujian, Hubei, ChinaPart usedSeedExtraction TypeSolvent ExtractionActive IngrdientsPolysaccharidesSynonymsWhite fungus, white fungus, white fungusTest MethodUVSpecificationsPolysaccharides 30%, 50%, 10:1 Brown yellow powderApplicationMedicine, food additivesTremella Mushroom Powder Benefits:Anti-tumourThe scientific evidence supports the role of the polysaccharides of Tremella fuciformis as a therapeutic in cancer. The anti-tumour properties may arise from promotion of the natural immune system by Tremella fuciformis. These benefits led to the “Tremella Polysaccharide Enteric-coated Capsules” being approved in 2002, by the Chinese Food and Drug Administration (SFDA). These capsules are used to treat cancer patients following chemotherapy or radiotherapy- induced leukopenia [2.], a condition that sees a reduction in white blood cells; these cells are important for protecting against infection and an improvement in side-effects is seen with use of the capsules.
Anti-oxidant and skin function protectionA study in mice concluded that following UV exposure, skin structural changes lessened including collagen damage, in the presence of Tremella fuciformis. Critically, enzymes involved in protective anti-oxidant pathways were also increased [8.]. The authors of the study proposed that Tremella fuciformis supplements could benefit the function of the skin.
Anti-agingAnti-oxidant protection is essential to prevent cell damage, reactive oxygen species such as hydrogen peroxide can destroy this balance and accelerate aging. In the presence of hydrogen peroxide, Tremella fuciformis is able to suppress damage caused to human skin fibroblasts. Pre-treatment with Tremella fuciformis led to a decrease in reactive oxygen species (ROS) and cell death [9.] demonstrating potential for Tremella fuciformis therapy against oxidative-stress induced skin disease and aging.
Anti-inflammatoryThere is evidence in support of extracts powder tremella fuciformis on the immune system. Cells pre-treated with Tremella fuciformis polysaccharides and then exposed to inflammation-inducing LPS, showing reduced ROS levels, reduced inflammatory cytokines and a decrease in overall cell inflammation responses. This activity modified the activity of macrophages, a key immune cell involved in the inflammatory response [6.].
Neuroprotective and neurotrophicHot water extract of Tremella fuciformis in vitro on cells of neural crest origin were shown to have increased neuronal differentiation activity and neuronal outgrowth, with increased neurite length observed when compared to control. Furthermore, protection against neurotoxicity was observed in an in vitro Alzheimer’s disease model in the presence of the Tremella fuciformis extract; cells treated with amyloid beta, the protein considered to be highly involved in the degenerative pathology observed in Alzheimer’s disease, showed diminished levels of toxicity in the presence of Tremella fuciformis
Memory and learning improvementMemory impairment can result from various conditions, including but not exclusively Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Trimethyltin (TMT) is a powerful neurotoxin that impairs learning and memory in rats, repeated treatment with extract from Tremella fuciformis reduced the TMT-induced changes in learning and memory and also protected against loss of cholinergic neurons, when compared to mice that did not receive Tremella fuciformis [10.]
Radiation damage protectionFollowing pre-treatment with a polysaccharide extract from Tremella fuciformis, mice given gamma irradiation saw a 50% increase in survival and at 74mg/kg, haemoglobin levels increased and red and white blood cells were significantly restored within 18 days. Furthermore, genotoxicity levels were reduced in the mice that received Tremella fuciformis when compared to irradiation only. This provides evidence for Tremella fuciformis as having protective properties against radiation [7.]
HypoglycemicGlucuronoxylomannan (AC) extracted from the fruiting bodies of Tremella fuciformis and fed to mice produced a dose-dependent reduction of plasma glucose and plasma cholesterol. Tremella fuciformis treatment led to reduced liver glycogen and increased stored total lipid in adipose tissue and increased the plasma insulin levels; important in regulating the metabolism of the glucose. Significantly, in a diabetic mouse model hypoglycemic activity was also seen (50mg/kg) [11.]. Further work looking at obese mice administered with exopolysaccharides from Tremella fuciformis showed significant hypoglycemic effects in addition to insulin sensitivity and a decrease in blood triglycerides [12.]. This is promising research for the use of Tremella fuciformis as a therapeutic in non-insulin dependent diabetes.
HypocholesterolemicRats that were fed a diet of powdered Tremella fuciformis for 4 weeks showed a significant decrease in total serum cholesterol levels when compared to the controls. A significant decrease in LDL (the bad cholesterol) was observed but this was not seen in this study for HDL (good cholesterol); therefore, the decrease in cholesterol was attributed to the reduction of overall LDL. Furthermore, an increase in the excretion of neutral fecal sterioids and bile acids were seen [13.]. This was supported by subsequent studies with similar results which also saw physiological changes occurring with increased intestinal tissue size and weight
1.Used as a nerve tonic and a skin tonic for healthy complexions. It helps relieve chronic tracheitis and other cough syndromes.2.Used in the medical field for cancer prevention and immune system enhancement3.Care products as a good waterbinding agent. Tremella Mushroom’s water holding capacity is more than hyaluronic acid.
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Where to buy Tremella Mushroom Powder?
The best quality tremella is carefully prepared without the use of excess heat and chemicals. Always choose a product which is natural and pure and has no added fillers or preservatives. A concentrated extract provides a powerful way to get a larger dose of tremella’s nutrients in each dose. We offer a 10:1 concentrated extract powder which is ten times more powerful than the raw root. Tremella mushroom powder should be kept in airtight packing and stored in a dry, dark and cool place.
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