Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder

Product Name:Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder

Plant Name: Coriolus versicolor

Specification: 10%–50% Polysaccharides

Active ingredients: Coriolus versicolor Polysaccharides

Functions: Enhance immunity; Protect lung; Anti-cancer

Standard: Confirm to CP, USP, EP standard

Test Method: HPLC ,UV;


What is Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder?Turkey tail mushroom powder is one worth focusing on. Dissimilar to a ton of types of organisms that mainstream researchers generally disregards, turkey tail mushroom is being read increasingly more for its consequences for the safe framework, diseases, and even malignancy.
Turkey tail mushroom passes by a few names – trametes versicolor, coriolus versicolor, polyporus versicolor, Yun Zhi in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) or kawaratake in Japanese. Everything alludes to a similar section organism, otherwise known as a mushroom that becomes outward like a rack, that benefits from the strands of dead wood.
In the wild, turkey tail mushroom seems as though the fanned tail quills of a male wild turkey that is swaggering his stuff for the women. You may see it becoming on rotting wood in stormy territories or close to rivers or streams. Foragers will search for them in high-dampness territories where there are loads of fallen trees.
Basic Information:

Product NameCoriolus Versicolor Extract ; Turkey Tail Mushroom PowderIngredientPolysaccharides .Specification50% polysaccharideTasteBitter,add into hot water/milk/juice with honey to stir and enjoyShapeRaw material/Capsule/Granule/Tea bag/Coffee.etc.SolventHot water & Alcohol extractionDosage1-2g/dayShelf Life24 monthsFree Sample10-20gTurkey Tail Mushroom Powder BenefitsHealth Benefits Polysaccharide-K (PSK) and polysaccharopeptide (PSP) are important compounds in the turkey tail mushroom powder that may provide several notable health benefits. Research suggests that PSK may help treat some types of cancer. PSK is approved for use in Japan as an additional treatment in standard cancer treatment.Stomach CancerEvidence suggests that PSK, combined with standard cancer therapies, can help with immune system damage resulting from chemotherapy. While most of the research on PSK and stomach cancer is years old, a 2007 review concludes that people who received PSK along with chemotherapy lived longer cancer-removing surgery.Breast CancerThere are also studies that suggest that turkey tail may help boost cancer-fighting cells in people with breast cancer.Colorectal CancerResearch suggests that PSK may help build immunity in people with rectal cancer receiving chemotherapy and radiation therapy. It may also prevent cancer recurrences and help people with colorectal cancers live longer.Lung CancerPSK may also extend the lives of people with lung cancer. Studies also suggest that people with cancer who are treated with PSK in addition to chemotherapy may have better immune function, healthier body weight, and improved well-being. Adding PSK therapy to traditional cancer treatments may also lessen tumor-related symptoms and help people live longer.
Application:1. Turkey tail mushroom powder is applied in food field, because of its high uptake values, more and more people start to eat it;2. Applied in health product field, to be made into tablets, granules and injection, which is able to improve immunity;
3. Applied in pharmaceutical field, treating and persisting chronic bronchitis.

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