Vitex Powder

Product Name:Vitex Powder

Latin Name: Vitex trifolia Linn. var. Trifolia;

Specification Ratio: vitexin 5%;

Part Used: Fruit;

Appearance: Brown powder;

Test Method: HPLC;

Main Function :Treat Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) ; Treat Menopause Problems ;. Galactagogue Effects;

What is Vitex Powder?The chaste tree is a large shrub with palmate leaves and clusters of small, purple flowers. The tiny, hard fruits are referred to as vitex berry or chaste berry. The plant is often associated with chastity, especially in ancient Greece. Our vitex powder is ground from organic Vitex agnus-castus fruits. Vitex berry powder can be used in infusions, tincturing, and encapsulation.Vitex powder supports physical and emotional health during a woman’s menstrual cycle and in the transition into menopause.
Vitex (Vitex agnus-castus) is a plant used in herbal medicine. Also known as chaste tree or chasteberry, it’s often taken as a remedy for women’s health problems. Vitex supplements typically contain extracts of the fruit and/or seed of the plant.Vitex may influence hormone levels in a number of ways. For example, it’s said to promote the release of luteinizing hormone and, in turn, increase levels of progesterone (a hormone known to play a key role in regulating the menstrual cycle). Vitex is also thought to affect levels of prolactin, which is involved in stimulating breast development and milk production in women.
StandardsPhysical Analysis

Brown and yellow fine powderAssay
10:1 (TLC)Mesh Size
100 % pass 80 meshAsh
≤ 5.0%Loss on Drying
≤ 5.0%Chemical Analysis

Heavy Metal
≤ 10.0 mg/kgPb
≤ 2.0 mg/kgMicrobiological Analysis

Residue of Pesticide
NegativeTotal Plate Count
≤ 1000cfu/g

Vitex Powder Benefits:Vitex powder has been shown to help balance of estrogen and progesterone during the menstrual cycle and may alleviate PMS symptoms. More. Vitex powder has been shown to help re-establish normal balance of estrogen and progesterone during the menstrual cycle.1. It can decrease breast tendernessIf you have super sore boobs during your period, you might benefit from some vitex. “Abnormally high levels of prolactin can lead to cyclic breast tenderness,” says Dr. Parikh. (Meaning breast pain that comes and goes with your menstrual cycle.) “In Europe, Vitex is the standard treatment for [this type of] breast tenderness and has been used for decades,” she says.2. It can make other PMS symptoms less terribleBeyond breast discomfort, vitex may also help you feel better in the agonizing days before your period if you’re dealing with cramps, bloating, and moodiness. Some research shows that vitex improves some PMS symptoms (like back pain and anger) by 50 percent, according to a 2014 review in BMC Complementary & Alternative Medicine.3. It may prevent migrainesMany women deal with hormonal migraines around their periods. If that’s you, vitex may help prevent this debilitating head pain. A 2013 study by Italian researchers found taking 40 mg per day of Vitex powder for three months helped women experience fewer monthly attacks and headache days. The catch: It wasn’t a placebo-controlled study, something would be needed to confirm that this is a bona fide benefit.4. It can help ease symptoms of hyperprolactinemiaWhen your body creates too much prolactin, it can lead to a condition called hyperprolactinemia. Soaring levels of prolactin can cause sandpaper-y sex via vaginal dryness, breast leakage (when not breastfeeding), irregular periods, and problems getting pregnant.Vitex Powder Application:1. It is used for the medicine factory;2. It is used for the food factory;
3. It is used for the health care product industry;

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