White Willow Bark Extract

Product Name:White willow bark extract

Latin Name: Salix alba L;

Specification Ratio: Salicine, 15%;

Part Used: Bark;

Appearance: Brown powder white powder;

Test Method: HPLC;

Main Function 1. Treat fever, colds and infections;


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What is White Willow Bark Extract?Willow bark is the bark from several varieties of the willow tree, including white willow or European willow, black willow or pussy willow, crack willow, purple willow, and others. The bark is used to make medicine. White willow bark extract is derived from the bark of the willow tree. Willow bark contains salicin, a compound similar to aspirin.
Salicin is metabolized in the body to produce salicylic acid, which is a precursor of aspirin. Salicin has antipyretic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-rheumatic effects. In addition, it also has a bitter stomach and local anesthesia. Can also be used as a biochemical reagent.Our white willow bark extract powder is mainly processed by alcohol extraction, extraction, chromatography, and crystallization.White Willow Bark Extract provides the benefits of salicylic acid such as exfoliation, and anti-microbial action, without any of the typically associated irritation.In its standardized form White Willow Bark Extract provides consistent levels of salicylic acid allowing its use as an active ingredient. Unfortunately, in commercially available extracts the salicylic acid levels rarely exceed 10%, making it difficult to formulate products with sufficient quantities in emulsion systems, and impos­sible to formulate in anhydrous systems.
White Willow Bark Extract powder is completely water soluble and may be used in any cosmetic formulation to en­hance cell turnover, act as a natural anti-microbial agent, or as a replacement for synthetic salicylic acid. To verify efficacy of our product a standard Dansyl Chloride Cell Renewal Study was conducted on human subjectsAnalysisANALYSISSPECIFICATIONRESULTSSalicin>50% by HPLC50.06%Description

AppearanceYellow Brown to White powderConformsOdorCharacteristicConformsParticle size100% passes 80 meshConformsExtract SolventsWater and AlcoholConformsPhysical Characteristics

Loss on Drying(5h at 105℃)≤5%3.13%Density35-65g/100ml45g/100mlHeavy Metals≤10ppmConformsArsenic (As)≤2ppmConformsLead (Pb)≤2ppmConformsMercury (Hg)≤1ppmConformsCadmium (Cd)≤1ppmConformsResidual Solvents≤0.05%ConformsMicrobiological Tests

Total Plate Count≤1000cfu/gConformsTotal Yeast & Mold≤100cfu/gConformsE.ColiNegativeConformsWhite Willow Bark Extract Benefits:1.ArthritisStudies investigating the effects of willow bark in people with osteoarthritis (“wear-and-tear arthritis”) has yielded mixed results.In a clinical trial published in Phytotherapy Research, a White Willow Bark Extractcontaining 240 milligrams (mg) of salicin daily was compared to a placebo in 78 people with osteoarthritis.3 After two weeks of treatment, pain scores (using the WOMAC osteoarthritis index) were reduced by 14 percent in the willow bark group compared to 2 percent in the placebo group.
The same was not seen in a six-week study published in the Journal of Rheumatology. For this trial, 127 people with knee osteoarthritis were given either 240 mg of salicin, 100 mg of the pain medication Voltaren (diclofenac), or a placebo.2.Low Back Pain
The current body of evidence suggests that White Willow Bark Extract powder may be most effective in treating acute low back pain.In a 2016 analysis published in the journal Spine, researchers evaluated 14 previously published studies on herbal treatments for low back pain. Among their findings, the researchers reported that the bark of the white willow tree (Salix alba) consistently provided greater pain relief than a placebo.
With that being said, the quality of the reviewed studies was considered poor to moderate. Further research would be needed to determine how safe and effective willow bark may be in relieving low back pain.
3.Weight LossWhite Willow Bark Extract has been aggressively marketed in recent years as a weight loss supplement. The health claims were fueled by early research in which the combined use of willow bark and ephedra proved effective in enhancing athletic performance and burning fat.
Ephedra (known as ma huang in traditional Chinese medicine) has been banned in the United States since 2004 following a spate of sudden cardiac deaths in users. On its own, willow bark has not shown any weight loss properties despite its continued use in weight loss supplements.
Application1.Applied in cosmetics, it can inhibit whelk and relieve swelling and pain.
2.Applied in pharmaceutical field, it is mainly used to curing fever, colds and infections.
3.Applied in feed additive, it is mainly used as feed additive for diminishing inflammation and promoting digestion.

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