Yohimbe Bark Powder

Product Name:Yohimbe Bark Powder

Active Ingredient: Yohimbine HCL/ 98% Yohimbine Hydrochloride

Colour: Reddish Brown /white fine powder

Test Method: HPLC

Specification: 8% ~98% Yohimbine, 98% Yohimbine Hydrochloride

CAS No.: 146-48-5 / 65-19-0

Molecular Formula: C21H26N2O3 / C21H26N2O3HCl

Molecular Weight: 354.44 / 390.91


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Place of origin is Cameroon;

Man healthcare product material;

What is Yohimbe Bark Powder?Yohimbe bark powder is native to Africa, where it is has been used in tribal marriage rituals. Yohimbe bark powder is widely known for its uses in circulating blood to the outer extremities. Also coveted by athletes for is stimulating effects on the central nervous system. A natural stimulant that many find more effective than caffeine for promoting physical strength and endurance.Yohimbe is used by the tribal people of West Africa as an aphrodisiac and remedy for erectile dysfunction. It aids the dilation of blood vessels in the body’s periphery and mucous membranes and stimulates the central nervous system. Yohimbe bark extract powder is quite stimulating, and when dosed improperly can increase blood pressure and cause dizziness, racing pulse, irritability, and nervousness.Basic Information:Product nameYohimbe Bark PowderLatin namecorynante yohimbinePlace of OriginCameroonPart usedBarkExtraction TypeSolvent ExtractionActive IngrdientsYohimbineCas No65-19-0Molecular FormulaC21H26N2O3 HCLFormula Weight390.91Test MethodHPLCFormula StructureSpecificationsYohimbine 8% 98%ApplicationMan healthcare supplements.Yohimbe Bark Powder Benefits:1.Erectile DysfunctionIt is a complicated situation for men suffering from symptoms of impotence. The increase in circulation that you receive from Yohimbe Bark Powder also affects the flow of blood to the genitals, which can help treat erectile dysfunction, increase fertility, and significantly boost libido. If your sex life has been suffering, perhaps a natural solution in the form of yohimbe is in order. Pharmaceutical aphrodisiacs can have a number of side effects as well, so yohimbe is frequently turned to. After all, this was the best traditional use of yohimbe!2.Boosts Circulation
If you have a sluggish circulatory system, which might be evidenced by low energy levels, slow healing rates, and cognitive cloudiness, you may need a vasodilator. Yohimbe is a good vasodilator as it expands the blood vessels and helps in improving the flow of blood to provide additional oxygen and necessary nutrients to cells and organs. You can, therefore, improve cognition, boost energy levels, and improve healing if you add an appropriate amount of yohimbe bark extract powder to your herbal supplement regimen.3.Reduces Hypertension
Related to the above health benefit, this easing of tension in arteries and blood vessels does wonders for your overall cardiovascular health. Your heart has to work extra hard to pump blood through tight, constricting blood vessels, causing a rise in blood pressure. This can be a major contributor to heart attacks and strokes, as constricted blood vessels are more likely to become blocked. By adding yohimbine to your diet in some way, you can improve your overall heart health and prevent an acceleration of coronary heart diseases.4.Weight Loss
One of the most valuable and widely relied on uses of yohimbe bark extract powder relates to its effect on losing weight. For people that frequently work out and still are not able to reduce fat, yohimbine is capable of blocking certain adrenoreceptors in the body, which allows for higher norepinephrine levels in the body. Norepinephrine doesn’t allow for fat mobilizing to take effect, which leads to an additional fat break down in those difficult areas of the body. These effects on your hormone levels should be monitored carefully, so be sure to speak with a medical professional before adding this to your workout regimen.5.Improves Athlete Performance
Yohimbe Bark Powder is used to improve athlete performance. In connection with weight loss, it is also known to increase muscle mass and reduce fatigue. Studies have also advocated that it has the potential to increase the energy expenditure of people, thereby enhancing their energy levels. However, only a limited amount is considered safe as excessive intake may result in side effects.6.Relieves Depression
The human brain requires an adequate amount of dopamine to stay active and efficient. Low dopamine levels can lead to mood swings, fatigue, lack of motivation, and eventually depression. Yohimbine has unique properties, which help in raising the dopamine levels, thus giving relief from this miserable condition. However, only a prescribed amount can give you the desired result. So talk to your doctor before including yohimbine in your diet to avoid unnecessary side effects.7.Treats Dry Mouth
A study on yohimbe suggests that it is very beneficial in increasing the salivary flow in patients taking medicines that cause dry mouth. When the salivary glands do not produce enough amount of saliva to keep the mouth wet, people suffer from dry mouth or xerostomia. It usually occurs as a side effect of medications.Yohimbe bark powder dosageYohimbine 6 mg given 3 times a day has been used in xerostomia trials. A mean dose of 0.4 mg/kg body weight or 30 mg daily, and a maximum of 50 mg, has been used in erectile dysfunction studies. In studies investigating effects on body mass, yohimbine 20 mg daily has been used.
Yohimbe Bark Powder Applications:1. Yohimbe Bark Powder is applied in food field, mainly to be used as food additives;2. Applied in health product field, as a male health products to increase sexual powers;3.Applied in pharmaceutical field, can treat various types of male impotence and sexual.

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